Reply to Mr.MakenthiranCANADA

Samantha Jayawardana, Melbourne, Australia

Before any of our readers, who are not aware of the entire background of the problem in Sri Lanka, jump to conclusions I would like to explain to Mr.Makenthiran few things that he is ignoring and hiding.

One cannot be a Tamil of Sri Lankan origin. One can be a Sri Lankan of Tamil origin. That has been the problem all along. Historically speaking, that has been the problem since 795 AD when few rich families in Jaffna got together to rebel against the weak central government with the help of SOuth Indian regimes.

I can understand if one is a Tamil of South Indian origin. South India is where the Tamils originated and the homeland of the Tamil culture and language and civilization. I think Eelamists like Mr.Makenthiran are barking up the wrong tree.

Thre is no Sinhalese or Tamil communities trapped in rut as such due to an ethnic problem. In Sri Lanka all live in harmony except for few who get funded and assisted by some European political and religious organisations to create ethnic and religious disharmony so that the Sri Lankans would be fighting among eachother while foreigners control the national policies through their agents and pocket in the wealth of the country.

Tamils have NOT sent their reps to the parliament. TNA ministers were elected through the terror of the gun and everyone is aware of that. Please dont ignore such facts and speak like a sweet and innocent pussycat.

Sinhalese have NOT sent in their reps to the parrliament. Sinhalese have selected "Sri Lankans" to the "Sri Lankan parliament" hoping that they can save and advance Sri Lanka.

Not only Sinhalese, any patriotic Sri Lankan wouldn't want Sri Lanka to be partitioned or fooled into a deal which can send provinces to rule under warlords.

You are saying that "The Tamils will never agree to a unitary form of government under Sinhalese domination. They will never give up the autonomous status.".

As far as I see Tamils dont have the freedom to express their opinion as they live under the terror of gun. But a lot of Tamils that I know live accepting the unitary form of government. It is too bad that there are more SInhalese in the government, or in most work environments, or in sport teams, or in facts in prisons. Sinhalese whose civilisation is unique to Sri Lanka alone, are nearly 80% of the population and it is quite natural that there are more Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

Both parties will stop abusing eachother if you face and tell the true facts to the rest of the Tamils.

Do you think any sane person would allow policing and intrernal security to be handled by a provincial warlord in a small country where the length is only 225 miles?

Get a life. Tell your people the truth instead of stories of fantasy homelands. There is a homeland for Tamil civilisation. There is no need for a second one.
Read the true history of South Asia unless of course that you have already done so and had twisted it ignoring some facts and publicising some facts.

There is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka sir. The problem is the Eelamists, and the agents who work for foreign dollar and commissions. If not for these two types, we all could be living in a developed multi-cultural country of ethnic, religious and social harmony.

Thank you.

Samantha Jayawardana,
Melbourne, Australia



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