Can We Trust Chandrika With Another War?

Waruna Fernando, Mount Wverley,Australia

Chandrika has been running this country, at the very top as the executive president, little over a decade now. Did anybody ever care to ask the question; “What good has she done to our country so far?” All the Prime Ministers and Presidents of the past can be remembered for something memorable they have done for the country and for the people, whether that was of any value or not. Some even can be remembered for disastrous things done for the country.

She survived the past ten years just doing sweet nothing. If she could be remembered at all for something, it could be the way she handled the war with her now infamous uncle as the defense Minister, in a government completely controlled by her own party, She and the uncle duo ruined our defense forces - materially and spiritually - probably for ever. They turned the war into an industry, which helped them to amass a fortune. They ruined the country and sacrificed the lives of many young patriotic soldiers in a way, Sadam and his sons appear as saints.

She alone must be held responsible for many ills befallen on our forces today. Stories of legendary scale have spread, as to how they made the money from the purchases of unusable and substandard military equipment, without any regard to the lives of the poor soldiers. It was not a surprise ultimately when Sri Lanka lost many defense positions, camps, equipment, vehicles, air crafts, ships, valuable poor lives, etc. during that period. The honour must go to our media that nobody raise the question, if the war was conducted purposely to lose.

This suspicious and questionable handling of the war by this clan, was one of the main causes that led the way to another major disaster, advent of the Ranil's government, which was one of the most hostile to majority Sri Lankan in the history of Sri lanka, comparable only to the Portuguese rule (No wonder they wanted to commemorate the Portuguese landing in this country in a big way).

Constantly stalking peace wolves made use of this appalling war effort to trumpet the slogan, “Sri Lankan army cannot win this war”, and christened this war as “unwinnable war”. This name itself degrades the past heroes of our country. In reality it is the Sri Lankan army that was the most successful army against the terrorism. This was the army completely encircled the LTTE fighters few years earlier, at Wadamarachchi and was about to eradicate terrorism from Sri Lankan soil, when stupid Rajiv interfered, which proved to be a fatal mistake. The LTTE is the most ruthless terrorist ensemble of the world, mainly because it gets unabated and unspecified international support. But they were dead scared of our STF. Even Israel army seems helpless against suicide bombers. But our suicide bombing was confined to limited number of sporadic incidents for a period of two decades. The most inexplicable losses took place under the command of General Rat. The skills of our army in handling terrorism are amply demonstrated by the fact that, the US army chose the Sri Lankan army to train their soldiers in counter terrorism activities, instead of the redoubtable Israel army. And it is learned now that the Sri Lankan army has been selected to train number of other armies of the world on terrorism.

Ranil’s government allowed the forces to deteriorate, so that nobody would start the war against the LTTE terrorists ever again. Today we are in the dark concerning anything about the forces; their morale, their strength, the capabilities or the bona fides of the officers, and so on. However, not everything is lost. People are gradually distancing themselves from these national wreckers and laying their confidence in new political players with the hope of stopping the rot already set-in.

Few additional word or two must be said about these two enemies of the nation. It is obvious that both are just the two sides of the same coin. They both are known to have uncertain religious affiliations, they descends from the families who were long-standing enemies of the nation and Buddhism, both give the impression to the world that they rule by their birth rights, the list could continue indefinitely. They were also compared to two past protégés of the Portuguese rule - one to Dona Katarina and the other to Don Juan Dharmapala. This itself shows how most of our countrymen think bout them.

Chandrika in the political circles is an outsider. She exists at the top level without being noticed. Her legendary aloofness from the serious official duties cost the country and the people untold miseries. To offset her invisibility in the history of our country, she is determined to get herself a Nobel Prize at the cost of Majority Sri Lankans. Beware patriotic Sri Lankan, in her quest for some kind of international recognition she seems to be desperate. Just imagine how it is when a woman wants something.

Her most recent despicable act was to humiliate entire Sinhala people by unilaterally apologising to Tamils (mainly to appease the LTTE) for the atrocities committed by few people, purported to be Sinhalese. This apology serves only one purpose, it gives the impression that entire Sinhala race is some kind of savages and any LTTE excesses in the past and present are justifiable. This is not the first time she publicly humiliated the Sinhala nation. When she first assume duties as the countries Prime Minister in 1994 - after an landslide victory, in her first address to the nation she admitted on behalf all the Sinhalese that Tamils have genuine grievances. How can she say such a thing, when to this day not a single person has categorically explained what these grievances are.

The people of this country elected her as the President to look after the interest of the Sri Lankan people. Her behaviour during the last Ranil government is a disgrace to the office of the executive president. She was just happy to turn a blind eye to everything Ranil and his cohorts were doing. Her motto seems to be “no work no trouble more work more trouble”.

So my fellow countrymen can we trust her with another war or any other matter relating to Sri Lankan people? Will we ever learn from our mistakes?



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