Some Comments on "Call to stop politicising Sri Lankan history"

By Sandemali JAYAWARDENA, A globe-trotter.

There is no Sinhala "race" but a Sinhela people. It is a mix of number of racial traits such as Aborigine, Dravida, Indo-European(Caucasoid), Malay,.... .

In Sri Lanka, a "Tamil" who speaks Sinhala becomes a "Sinhala" and a "Sinhala" who speaks Tamil becomes a "Tamil" if he so wishes. The differences in cultures being minimal.

According to Buddhist readings one is not "Arya" by birth but by conduct. The Arya as a race served well with colonial powers who considered themselves pure Aryans as against the locals who were considerd mixed and inferior, needing to be "civilized".

History can never be true because it is always an "account" of what happened. It can not avoid being subjective. The Rift Valley theory etc.. are very subjective interpretaions backed by incomplete "facts". There can be no end to the fact finding and the history keeps on changing. The past is dead for ever, why to carry the dead on your back? The present and the future must be our concern. Devils divide, Gods unite. Better use history to unite not to divide.

By the way, can someone explain why the lion in our flag resembles so much the lion in the flag of the "King Richard, the Lion Heart"? May be it is time to retire the lions and tigers from our flags.



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