Resident or Expatriate Sri Lankans may overstep the bounds of decent literary exposure if they happen to listen to UNP participants in televised debates.

by Charles Perera

It is fair that those people whether they are resident or expatriate are given a chance to express their points of view on issues concerning their “homeland”. It is normal that some may rid themselves of their pent up feelings using harsh or impolite words while others may resort to a more acceptable idiom.

Listening to the UNP, SLMC and TNA participants in the televised political debates is an irksome experience to those who do not think the same way. Rajita Senaratne, Tissa Attanayake, G.L.Pieris, Maheshwaran, Lokuge and others have nothing constructive to say except lashing out verbiage of hatred, dissention and nonsense. After all, following a leader like Ranil Wickramasinghe,who had nothing much to say at election meetings other than promising golden bracelets for the youth if he were to come to power, one cannot expect from them any “constructive” criticism. The two years of UNF rule was no model for any government to follow, unless it wants to push Sri Lanka over the precipice for complete destruction.

The UNP participants in these televised debates seem to have been “coached” to follow the same line of argument, (a) to say that UPFA has failed to honour their election promises for the last three months, (b) to say that JVP is the dominant force in the Alliance, and the SLFP plays a subordinated role,(c), the graduates who have been promised employment are not given the assurance of permanent employment (d) price hikes are the result of the UPFA coming into power, as this did not exist during the UNF Government (e) the UNP will give the President Chandrika Kumratunga, “unconditional” support for the peace negotiations if the negotiations are based on the ISGA. And finally that the UNP will not let UPFA fall if the JVP were to leave the Alliance.

Listening to any Televised political debate the viewers, can be sure that the UNP and their allied participants will go on harping on the above points like parrots, turning the debate virtually into a verbal wrestling arena, shouting down the opponents with the same arguments again and again- ad infinitum.

Under these circumstances there is little wonder that some of the resident or expatriate Sri Lankans may overstep the bounds of decent literary exposure



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