Bravo SLAF! Your Decision to Refuse Free Helicopter Rides to Terrorists and Their Visitors Is Absolutely Right! A Step in the Right direction!

Ramanie de Zoysa

It comes over two years later than would have been ideal. The decision conveyed by the SLAF to the LTTE terrorists and the Norway 'mediators' is that the terrorists would not be airlifted anywhere for any purpose and that the mediators would get a free ride but only up to the periphery of the government controlled areas. SLAF commanders who took this decision are to be commended!

LTTE mouthpieces posing off as journalists are expressing concern that this refusal may harm the 'peace process'! This type of humbug begs the question "what peace process?" We have never had a peace process in Sri Lanka- the only process that has been laid out by the Norwegians in Sri Lanka is a "cessation facilitating process" heavily biased towards the unrealistic and unjust demands of the terrorists at the expense of everyone else's rights. Apart from the terrorists, no other being in Sri Lanka will miss this process if it were to be harmed. In fact we all hope that the Sri Lankan Government follows up this decision with a firm refusal to provide security to these thugs. It has been a sad day for the peaceful Sri Lankans and to the memory of our dead heroes when the SL Government security forces were deployed in protecting the very butchers who slaughtered our soldiers in their thousands. Every time we shield these killers from harm we insult our own dead who made the supreme sacrifice to protect our country. When the LTTE celebrated their dead killers on Maaveerar day in November it was our soldiers who provided protection for the celebration. These same killers (those who are dead and those who were celebrating) slaughtered the soldiers' own kith and kin!

How can we continue to spit in our own faces? Let us not give our troops mixed messages! Let us get a clear message across to our young protectors that we are fighting an enemy. An enemy which is spurred on by complete aliens. Anton Balasingham, the 'maha kotiya' is not a Sri Lankan- nor is his wife who is the chief of 'Koti' women's brigade. The Tamil Nation is not a Sri Lankan concept- it is a world wide Tamil concept. Note the extract from a website maintained by the Tamil Diaspora which states the Tamil Nation's grievance:

"Today, more than 70 million Tamil people live dispersed in many lands across the globe. "Thamilan illatha Nadu illai - Thamilanuku endru Oru Nadu illai" - "There is no state without a Tamil - but there is no state for the Tamils".

Sri Lanka is not under obligation for the world-wide Tamils, to carve out land and other resources to form a 'homeland'. Despite the self-serving fabrications of the interested parties the LTTE movement is not a Sri Lankan product. It was born in the ghettos of Tamil Naadu and its forefathers were South Indians who brought the movement to Sri Lanka for tactical reasons. The seeds of 'homeland' dreams were sown in the South Indian soil and to date it is the Tamil Naadu political hierarchy that is keeping the LTTE movement alive. It is the Tamil movie buffs from Tamil Naadu, starting from the (thankfully) late M G Ramachandran to the modern day Baharatchandras who brought the message of Tamil supremacy and the need for a Naadu in Sri Lanka to the Sri Lankan Tamils. Mani Ratnam, another South Indian Tamil continues ever so subtley and very successfully indeed to subvert the minds of world wide audiences to glorify suicide bombers and 'freedom fighters'. If at all a homeland is carved out in any part of Sri Lanka it will be the world-wide Tamils, predominantly the Tamil Naadu who will manage 'Eelaam'. It is the naïve acceptance of the average Sri Lankan that has given an indigenous façade to the Eelaam movement and has afforded so much respectability for it in the eyes of the international community. It is this façade that confuses both our internal defence strategy and the international community's perception that a minority race in our country should be given a 'homeland'. Let us get over our wooly thinking and look at this conniving terrorist menace in clear light.



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