Thamilchelvam's Optimism Borders From The Sublime To the Ridiculous!

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In a previous news item it was referenced that LTTE idealogue SP Thamilchelvam is none other than a high talking ignoramus who had merely replaced another! Here's proof of the pudding! In a manner indicating the highest delusion and conjecture he has declared his confidence in an obstreperous statement that quote "European countries would provide financial assistance soon to their outfit. He has met with Government Representatives of half a dozen of European countries, while he was journeying through Europe and they listened with concern to the plight of the people in the war affected North and East and that he is confident that they would provide assistance soon" end quote.
In essence what he is saying amounts to European countries circumventing the Sovereignity of a Democratic Nation within the Commonwealth which the Republic of Sri Lanka is, in order to grant assistance to a group of internationally condemned and outlawed terrorists based on bogus representations of their plight whereas the truth of the matter is No Such Assistance Has Been Pledged Nor Will Be Pledged In A World Order Which Sees The LTTE As Unrelenting Terrorists Who Pose Not Only A Threat To The Sovereignity Of Sri Lanka But Also A Threat To the Entire Region Regardless of Thamilselvam's Rhetoric, whether it is supposed to come from Europe or any other part of the World and the sooner such illusions are dispelled the better it would be for a Nation which must respond positively to such outbursts intended to create confusion in the minds of the gullible!

The so called ' Plight of the people in the North and North East' has to be rephrased as the Plight of an entire Nation which was devastated by the very terrorists Thamilchelvamn represents while attempting to make further inroads towards their goals! and if he misguidedly believes while synonymously conveying to the gullible listener that European Nations are not aware of what the LTTE have been responsible for in the past and would pour out their millions in aid to a fully armed unrelenting bunch of ruthless terrorists, it truly is a delusion!

There seems to be an amazing arrogance and authoritative tone of voice in the manner SP Thamilchelvam has blatantly remarked that quote""There is no place again for Sinhala - Communal parties in the Tamils' homeland. Already those parties had been rejected by the Tamils." end quote while wondering where this Tamil Homeland is and whether or not it is a loose reference to the LTTE held pockets of their pseudo administrations in the North and North East which are more than likely to be dealt with when the entire Sovereignity of Sri Lanka will be restored in due course as well as the cleanup of the Wanni of the vermin (not the wildlife related variety ) polluting and desecrating it as a matter of priority to the Administration that takes on the reins of responsibility towards the restoration of the Sinhala Nation!

The somewhat puerile rhetoric of Thamilchelvam on his return to Sri Lanka from his cavorting in Europe has continued where it has been further said that quote" "They won't be allowed again to set their foot in the Tamils' land" end quote making the more discerning wonder whether this high sounding rumor monger has set his sights on Tamil Nadu as a future LTTE annexation (obviously a lost cause as much as Eelam is within Sri Lanka!) Tamil Nadu being the only place in the region which merits the title but then the absurdity of the concept suggests that Thamilselvam has to be an eternal dreamer with no real direction to what the spewed jargon is and often renderd meaningless through its insignificance.

To lend an air of bewilderment to the integrity of the Sri Lankan Administration and raising questions as to whether the arm of diplomacy and protocol is sometimes extended to terrorists also, particularly ones who bad mouth the Government and slight it at every opportunuty, it has been reported that Thamilchelvam's delegation was accorded the luxury of an Armed Forces helicopter to reach their abode whereas they should in all probabilities have been put on a bus or train to Killinochchi! (Train perhaps not feasible in view of a prevailing and on going strike!)

The language and mood of Thamilchelvam suggests high handed insolence of a highly intolerable nature to the Nation at a time when the LTTE probably need to exercise caution in order to promote the great restraint the Goverment of Sri Lanka has maintained in dealing with provocations and violations perpetrated by the LTTE with impunity at a time of a prevailing ceasefire and ongoing peace.

There are no real justifications for the continued statements to the media made by Thamilchelvam where comments such as quote " Regarding the question of Sinhala political parties contesting in the North and East, the Tamil peoples would not allow the Sinhala communal parties to set their feet in the Tamils' homeland. Already they have been rejected by the Tamils." end quote and an affront to the rights of the Majority Sinhala Nation.

Such comments are not only ignorant but perhaps desperate sounding and lending an air of insecurity to the manner in which the LTTE realistically evaluate the chances of their survival in a land which has all but rejected them and condemned them to banishment, Thamilchelvam included if this present attitude of his continues as his entitlement would not be that different to that of their infamous leader Velupillai Pirapaharan, Sri Lanka's public enemy No 1 awaiting indictment by more than one area of justice and a mere matter of time!!!!

Glorious optimism sometimes is a matter to be admired and the indications are that the LTTE through their representatives such as Thamilchelvam's have conveyed this very air of optimism that has always suggested an identical attitude of expectations towards Secession but the reality of it remains that when their dreams and objectives border from the sublime to the ridiculous while not being fully representative of the Tamil Community, it is time appropriate to question credibilities and drop the admiration while replacing it with laughter of derision which must surely echo from many quarters of the Sinhala Nation, particularly its leadership !!



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