Interesting LTTE Mood Swing Indicative Of Patience, Apprehension Or Bluff ? Where Pledges Suddenly Seem More Imperative!

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Rationally there are no pledges needed from the LTTE logically to to stay with the Peace Process as they are in reality mandatorily obligated to do so where superficially they are modicums of peace yet the violations of the ceasefire and their surreeptitious intimidatory tactics in the North and North East and the usual modus operandi using the ceasefire as a mantle continue. However, their awareness at present must be great that this time around should they step out of line they would have greater adversities and adversaries to deal with rather than the Sri Lankan Armed Forces alone,with Regional Peace Issues conjoint with an impending accord between India and Sri Lanka on the drawing boards looming almost as a harbinger of doom for the continuity of the LTTE.

There has been a splash of publicity in the United Kingdom that Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger guerrillas have pledged to stay with a peace pact they have signed with the Administration in Colombo despite the country's political uncertainty which many contend is an issue created by the UNF Administration and its power hungry leadership in the face of a growing uncertainty towards the future of the UNF as the Nation's unrest due to the advancing socio economic vacuum visible today and a growing dissatisfaction about the Administration's attitude towards the country's real needs becomes more circumspect by the day and a non issue as far as the LTTE are concerned as their tough talking at times suggests insecurity where they factually have no bargaining rights.

The rather wilted and seemingly insignificant former LTTE idealogue and theoretician Anton Balasingham, of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is reported to have given the pledge of a no return to war to the somewhat ambigiuous and once nearly outcast Erik Solheim of the former Norwegian Monitoring Mission who failed to create an unequivocal impression of his credibilities during his tenure in Sri Lanka together with similar assurances of non aggression to Norwegian diplomats on Wednesday at a meeting in London where other than a conciliation by the LTTE that their motivations have been somewhat contained over their objectives it really amounts to little or nothing in retrospect that the Sri Lankan Nation was not already aware of at this juncture in time relative to the events which have unfolded politically and administratively within the country.

Back in Sri Lanka the new LTTE flag bearer S.P. Thamilchelvam, who heads the LTTE's political wing and in essence has replaced Anton Blasingham categorically has made similar assurances to the Norwegian envoy to Colombo, Mr Brattskar at a meeting between Thamilchelvam and Brattskar which is reported to have taken place in the LTTE-held northern town of Killinochchi almost in conjunction with the propaganda leaflets warning of a possible fresh military conflict where either the LTTE are upto their old tricks of confuse, convolute and disrupt or are genuinely attempting to face the reality that their options are very limited indeed and in desperation have resorted to an orchestrated bluff as the uncertainty towards their own future mounts.The group that distributed the leaflets is reported to be linked to the LTTE which does not augur well towards any credibilities they consequently try to present towards posterity involving Peace in Sri Lanka.

The observation has to be made that with India possibly being the greatest deterrent with whom the LTTE are scarcely in a position to lock horns perhaps the time must be fairly close where the LTTE choices must surely point towards what's best for themselves, greatly limited, where aggression seems unquestionably remote and the impetus certainly favouring Sri Lanka where the only LTTE options must be, denouncing their status and image, relinquishing idealogies, decommissioning weapons and handing over their internationally sought after criminal leadership to be indicted for his crimes against humanity as well as India.

The eloquence of Balasingham that the LTTE was in no hurry to resume negotiations with the Sri Lankan Government, which has been thrown into unnecessary turmoil mainly through the irregularities of the incumbent Administration confronted by Presidential Authority since November, somehow appeared to have lost much of the confidence he was once reputed for, being the most senior LTTE Standard Bearer behind Velupillai Pirapaharan and has even been officious enough to proclaim to the media that his group was prepared to participate in negotiations when a stable government assumed power in Colombo by which time there may also be a remote possibility that the LTTE may have relented much more than providing assurances to a Nation already somewhat assured that it will not be intimidated by terrorists! and that the power of their bargaining chips appear to be dwindling with the passage of time.

It seems somewhat tongue in cheek for Anton Balasingham to proclaim to the media as well as Norway that quote "We are prepared to enter into negotiations with a Government that has a mandate for peace from the Sinhala masses and the necessary legislative and executive authority to implement decisions," Balasingham said. We do not want to interfere in the current constitutional crisis between the President and the prime minister. We are prepared to wait until the dispute is resolved by the Sinhala leadership,Until such time we will strictly observe the terms and conditions of the cease-fire agreement and will maintain peace." end quote where the onus towards an ongoing peace is a commitment towards their own survival perhaps and involves no waiting period other than towards infinity considering who holds the reins of power in Sri Lanka!

This has been interpreted by many analysts as a fallout which presents a new perspective towards LTTE direction and view the recent LTTE swing from confidences in the UNF to that of the President who has stood firm in her resolve to continue working towards a lasting peace which will not include in her agenda any capitulation towards terrorists but to the contrary expect their sensibilities to lean heavily towards a terrorist free Tamil community which thery too will eventually be a part of !



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