Mme. Chandrika Playing Hora Police with ISGA - Sacrificial Lamb JVP Dragged to the Guillotine

Walter Rajaratne in Sydney

The international donor consortium spearheaded by Japan in a subtle move, while upstaging Prabhakaran as the sage of peace has lambasted JVP as the spoke driven across the Peace wheel, in its recent communiqué. Why are they in a mighty hurry to recommence peace talks at this wee hour on the inflexible and exclusive condition of Prabhakaran’s ISGA, the stepping stone to secession stated by no lesser person than Christina Rocca, US Assistant Secretary for South Asian Affairs, among many international observers? Was it JVP that forced the LTTE to unilaterally call off the Peace Honeymoon with Ranil 18 months ago? Sadly, the enticing $4.5 billion carrot is dangling since the Tokyo powwow with no takers so far. Bigger the bonanza deeper the pit it seems.

Weren’t these the same Santas who threw away billions in pounds and dollars from 1977 on the mesmerising accelerated Mahaveli Project under the pretext of a condensed 7 year scheme which was originally earmarked for 30 yrs, in the process, reducing our beautiful central hill landscape to sheer concrete jungles today, with hardly any benefit to the economy in real terms. The enchantment of brazenly wowed self sufficiency in food, new industries and electricity generation in excess, the umpteen number of promises of the old fox JRJ eloquently declared through his hypocritical media tycoons were discreetly gone out of the books yesteryear. On the contrary many more future generations are bound to pay the Euro-Amrican Afagns the dollar/pound debts with exorbitant interests as if they were given as alms to paupers.

Nonetheless, the convoluted amnesia imposed on Sri Lankans by the Doktors, both GL and Anton on peace carnival is such that, no one has raised the issue as to what this enormous monetary offer comprises of and the terms and conditions entailed in the reward for peace.

Obviously, CBK has her dream reward for peace in the form of continued abuse of the state machinery for her greed to be the absolute monarch of Sri Lanka with a complementary pay packet to distribute among her favourites. Ranil on the other hand is determined to claim the “Throne at Any Cost” on which he subtly surrendered the sovereignty of the country to Prabha the devil incarnate with a coterie of think tanks during his short stint, under the jingle bell of Peace at Any Cost. The few rogues posing as the business community in cahoot with their international mercenaries, ripping off the beleaguered consumer going through untold hardships for day to day living, would not give a damn if the scheme would pump blood money into their tills.

So it’s a last ditch battle for survival that Sri Lankans are embroiled in which needs utmost patience. The rejuvenated JVP with its young leadership has been exemplary in its conduct so far since coming of age from its barbaric history under the maniacal old guard. But it has to do a lot more to erase that past from the memory of Sri Lankan masses. It must strengthen its words by matching deeds if they are genuinely in line with democratic principles. The impasse in the peace drama has offered them the golden opportunity to demonstrate that they are not only patriotic and law abiding but also have an unwavering policy in national and international issues pertaining to Sri Lankan interests. Run up to the formation of the alliance with CBK they jointly castigated Ranil for his opportunistic move in agreeing to the sinister conditions laid down in MOU by Norwegians and the group calling themselves the international community. Though it’s stinking now, CBK must be made to cud the bitter chew.

If not, that amounts to a downright betrayal of an alliance that shot her back to all conquering hot seat from where she is hatching a coup to regain the power for another term in a different guise. In light of this betrayal, JVP deserves the salute of the nation for sticking to its guns by declaring NO to ISGA and everything to lasting peace, with justice through dialogue. The international wheeler dealers headed by Japan – the prime stake holder of SL investments- Chandrika and Ranil must be told to fly a kite with ISGA if they are so keen. Rather than beating around the bush she must come to the party, stating wether she is For or Against the ISGA, through which she is craftily making JVP the sacrificial goat.

Interestingly, you can put Cobra and Porcupine in one coop but not this twosome Ranil and Chandrika. If in doubt read the hypocrisy of Sri Lankan rulers and aristocrats who were the root course for surrendered sovereignty of the country in yore. One could remember, the great old mom of CBK, Mme.Sirima for ditching the intellectuals once she was shot to command, paid a terrible price languishing in the twilight years of her life. So, what a better trump card JVP is in possession to play by saying “Waltz together with Ranil and Prabha if you can?

In late eighties JRJ made a mockery of running to Washington for the slightest cough, antagonising the mighty neighbour India. Finally, when US bluntly told him to settle matters with India he had to go in threadbare knees to arrogant J.N.Diksith, the Indian viceroy for mercy. Ranil, attired in the mantle of his uncle Junius, tried the same prank in his illusion that “Who dare touch me when Bush is behind me” had no bush to hide behind when Chandrika kicked his back, with Bush saying “I am busy with Osama and Saddam”.

International community, Norwegians and the peace dealers can continue the cacophony till the cows come home. But for us, in the offing is not the talk on ISGA. It’s the war that the lunatic in the Wanni jungle only knows the date, time and the place to declare when he is ready. With or without ISGA it is the war that is imminent. That is when all the generals, all the kings men and horses with their shining ceremonial regalia will run from the back door leaving the battle to the starving cannon fodders at the front.



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