Positive Relationship With India Requested By LTTE While Continuing In Their Terrorist Image! Is This Daydreaming?

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An LTTE spokesperson by name of C.Illamparuthi has addressed a pro LTTE gathering in Oslo Norway on Saturday and urged India to develop a ' positive relationship' with the LTTE and to endorse previous sentiments of another LTTE spokesperson SP Thamilchelvam messaging the Sri Lankan Government and who recently has said in arrogance " this sounds like a day dream and wishful thinking on the part of the Sri Lankan Government" now applicable in the reverse to this exhortation by Illamparuthi. Rather than responding to their entreaties India towards co-operation and recognition,the Indian Authorities more than anything else wants the LTTE leader Pirapaharan brought to justice and Regional Security fortified(Pirapaharan being a Regional Threat also!) before any concessions are made, least of all to a group of terrorists in full armour and goals, with undenounced intensity and arrogance beyond rational comprehension!

Perhaps an indication the LTTE are coming apart at the seams as the noose tightens aroung their right to exist as terrorists and the Sri Lankan and Indian Governments are presently preparing to sign a Defence Agreement to Secure Regional Security which would greatly affect the LTTE and curtail their illegal operations. The die seems to be cast towards their destiny! and something they probably anticipate.

Based on the signing of the Indo-Sri Lanka Defence Treaty which would convey widespread powers towards administering and maintaining National and Regional Security, many analysts believe that the buck is up for the LTTE and that they are faced with dire straits ahead, hence the reason their propaganda machines anticipating the consequences of how a joint Defence Treaty would affect LTTE operations are now waving frantic olive branches at the Indian Government which has unequivocally stated that It Will Not Negotiate With Terrorists and that it wants LTTE Leader Pirapaharan brought to justice and short of an LTTE organisation which denounces their objectives, de-commissions weapons and joins mainstream Sri Lankan society after handing over its infamous leadership to be indicted, any efforts to humor and bargain with India would seem logically futile!

In trying to portray the political impasse in Sri Lanka between the President and Prime Minister as an indication by the Sinhalese Community of its unwillingness to end the Tamil -Sinhala Ethnic conflict as quoted in this address at Oslo the LTTE have failed to sound convincing about its sagacity as the stark reality which may come back to haunt them is the response they have presented as an ISGA(Interim Self Governing Authority) where impossible unconstitutional demands have been requested while continuing to remain an illegal terrorist group which should have considered themselves fortunate that an offer of reconciliation was ever offered to them by the Previous Administration in the first place rather than being put down as insurgents threatening to destroy a Sovereign Democracy. That offer was injudiciously turned down by them as their pre-conditions were not met with perhaps a hidden agenda with the UNF also prevalent and perhaps a missed opportunity which may never be theirs again!

Some of the rhetoric which has transpired during this Oslo address has incorporated a statement that quote "The LTTE's draft proposal provides an excellent framework for good governance and will pave the way to the peaceful and prosperous co-existence of all communities in the island with self-respect, dignity and human rights," end quote, but with what mandate and representing whom ?considering the reality that the LTTE do not fully represent the Tamil Community nor are they in any bargaining position as terrorist to demand any recognition, not from Sri Lanka and neither from India towards self respect, the dignity and human rights which they blatantly violated in the past and are now emphasizing.Perhaps for them an image change of acceptability and conviction which is acceptable to Sri Lanka at this stage seems to take precedence over rhetoric!.

Certainly the Sinhala Nation and its Administrative Majority will gladly come forward and continue to maintain the Peace within the land as it has neither violated the peace process , memorandum of understanding nor the ceasefire which unfortunately for the LTTE, they have been caught in the act of so doing which has been researched and documented by many intelligence sources and their pretences well established! But contrary to the aspirations of the LTTE the Peace envisioned for Sri Lanka will more than likely involve a terrorist free Tamil Community which cannot be intimidated or coerced into LTTE idealogy towards their own survival.



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