Murdering of High Court Judge Signifies A Time For Reckoning!

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Is this the compensation a Nation gets for tolertating free passage from all walks of life to and from the Sri Lankan Capital Colombo? The murdering of High Court Judges and attempts on the lives of others in high office? Suicide bombings on Police Stations and a general contravention of the laws of the land so highly policed and monitored by its security forces? Or is this a stark reality of the times that Sri Lanka today is in the midst of anarchy where the people who administer it are murdered indiscriminately and is this what the Peace Process being negotiated with terrorists signifies?

Perhaps some of the more discerning analysts who viewed the removal of high security as somewhat premature had a valid justification for their rationale despite the flag wavings, pontifications and rhetoric for peace and the freedom of movement sans check points and road blocks with fully armed terrorists, army deserters, organized underworld gangs and the rest of the criminal scum which make up a miniscule part of Sri Lankan society roaming about unabated now cashing in on their unexpected freedom!

Cause enough also towards reviewing the Nation's security with deliberation towards greater intensity of preventive measures and deterrents by the authorities when a High Court Judge as prominent as the Hon.Sarath Ambepitiya , a well respected and feared judge who pursued the cause of justice with no holds barred! who sentenced the Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Velupillai Pirapaharan(Prabhakaran) for imprisonment and also known for his stringent administering of justice in an impartial but relentless manner was shot and killed together with his police bodyguard attrociously by an armed gang today in Colombo.The killings seem to have every stamp of aq planned attack by the LTTE and probably related to the Judges relentless pursuit of justice which the Judge often meted out with no compunctions.

Does this not speak volumes for what appears to be gaping holes in the Nation's Security when attrocities of this nature take place, which some of the peers within the Nation's Administration as well as some in the opposition seem to be oblivious to in the manner of the veritable ostrich with its head buried in the sand ?

The Hon High Court judge murdered today has undoubtedly been a target of his enemies, mainly from the pro LTTE factions of Velupillai Prabhakaran Leader of the LTTE whom the judge sentenced for planning and executing a 1996 Central Bank bombing that killed 91 people in the Sri Lankan capital and sentenced him for 200 years.A sentence which was neither commuted nor implemented within the mandates of the legal statutes of Sri Lanka and a regrettable lapse on the part of the authorities for having soft pedalled on their pursuit of justice for the criminally liable Prabhakaran and prefered to palaver to his rhetoric spewing from his hideout together with the meanderings of his idealogues and whose apprehension now seems of imperative importance to the well being of the Nation following this latest killing and the continued attrocities of the LTTE if this indeed is the case!

The Hon. Mr Ambepitiya was gunned down together with his Police bodyguard outside his Colombo residence as he returned from Courts after handing out a heavy sentence to another tamil criminal where the killing may have been related to the sentencing though unconfirmed. His cowardly assasins who opend fire at close range are alleged to have escaped in a van.
It seems to be a time for reckoning towards the realisation that Sri Lanka can never be secure from its antagonists such as the LTTE and the rest of the criminal element granted freedom of movement and tolerated beyond the attributes of justice by any definition despite other priorities which according to the pundits are wrapped round the Peace Process and unless there are rapid fire changes made to the manner in which the Nations' policing and maintaining of law and order are concerned there will undoubtedly be dire ramifications of greater regret towards the security of Sri Lanka!

LankaWeb on behalf of The Sinhala Nation extends heartfelt condolences to the families of the Hon. Mr. Sarath Ambepitiya and his police bodyguard and aspires deeply that their murderers will be brough to justice.
May They Attain Nibbana !



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