S. Makenthiran

Dear Mr. Mahindapala,
I have read your meandering articles with disgust. They emanate from Sinhala Budhist extremist racism. I understand that you are based in Australia, where Sri Lanka is represented by the man who militarily uprooted the defenceless Tamils from Manal Aru and gave his name to the settlement of Sinhalese intruders. He is also accused of Chemmani mass graves of Tamils. Racist vermins are a curse to humanity.

Oslo Declaration went down the Colombo drain one year ago, when President Chandrika Kumaratunga rejected it, dismissed the UNP who were a party to the declaration, and allied with the Sinhala terrorist party JVP. You have woke up one year too late. When one party to the Oslo meeting, namely the Sri Lankan government, usurped by Chandrika, rejected the Oslo Declaration, it became null and void. Anyone with a basic knowledge will understand this.

Your champion Aura Banadaranayake, brother of Chandrika, is echoing the thunder of J.R. Jayawardena "If the Tamils want war, they will have war; if the Tamils want peace, they will have peace". Your writings show that you belong to his category. Tamil minority cannot be kicked around by the Sinhalese politicians to exploit the Sinhlaese masses and grab political power. Let not history repeat itself.

You say that if LTTE can find arms, why they cannot find bread for the Tamils. So whose duty is it to make sure that Tamils get their daily bread. If it is not the duty of the Sri Lankan government, what are the all Sinhala army of occupation and police doing in the Tamil Northeast. You should ask them to get out of the Tamil homeland, lock stock and barrel, and be quick about it. The Sinhala state should not impose any embargo on Tamil Northeast. The armed forces should not prevent Tamil farmers from farming and Tamil fishermen from fishing.

You have made a baseless and provocative claim that 150 mosques were destroyed by the LTTE. Can you prove it by supplying a list publicly or apologise and withdraw that allegation. I do not have to remind you that sedition is a social offence.

If as Kadirgamar claims, there cannot be a consensus in democracy, then what agreement are the Sinhalese prepared to make with the LTTE and the democratically elected TNA. Of course, there was consensus among the Sinhalese to wage war and kill the Tamils and occupy their homeland.

Tamils are Dravidians and never considered themselves superior. It is you who imagine that you are Aryans, like Hitler and the Huns..

The JVP, JHU, yourself and extremist Budhist Sinhalese are a cancer in the society that has spread terminally into UPFA. Unless eradicated .it does not bode well for Sri Lanka.



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