Government's Missed Opportunity To Capitalise On The LTTE In -Fighting As Portrayed By The Ven.Sobitha Thera Put In Perspective.

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It has to be endorsed as very judicious that the recent criticism of the Government by the Political party formed by Buddhist Monks ,The National Heritage Party as saying that the recent split in the Tamil Tigers should have been exploited to full measure in supporting the breakaway rebel faction of Col.Karuna towards eliminitaing the Pirapaharan Factor from the face of Sri lanka!! It can be added to the sentiment of the Buddhist Priests that indeed the opportunity to rid Sri Lanka of vermin which has plagued the Nation for decades was surely missed with perhaps the timing somewhat unfortunate!

Rather than conclude that the government was at pains to steer clear of the in-fighting for fear of disrupting the island's two-year truce there are intelligence reports which point contrarily towards heavy odds against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces as a likelihood through highly sophisticated weaponry of long range capability in the possession of the LTTE which the Sri Lankan Armed Forces might have had to confront in support of Karuna and fat to chew on for the SLAF if the accuracies of the reports suggest increased LTTE capability and how this was accomplished beyond speculation that it had to be rank disregard and neglect of a vital issue towards National Security by the previous Administration of Ranil Wickremasinghe who literally fiddled and sang peace ditties and danced to LTTE accompaniment while they surreptitously regrouped undercover of the ceasefire!

The Tigers are purported to have regained control of the region held by former eastern commander known as Col. Karuna earlier this month and the previous mock administrations, financial, judiciary and policing systems are apparently poised to resume as an affront to the Independent, Democratic, Sovereign Nation of Sri Lankan where a great opportunity towards dismantling them for good was probably squandered despite likely consequences of casualties which probably was the Governments first priority. The Buddhist Monks have been quoted through the Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thera, the deputy leader of the National Heritage Party, as saying that "This is a great betrayal of the Nation. There was a great opportunity to crush the murderous LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam)" in a release to the Sinhala Media and there seems to be a loud ring of truth to the idealogy

In a show of true Sinhala patriotism their emphasis that quote" the foremost place for Sinhalese must be preserved in any peace settlement to end the island's 20-year civil war with the predominantly Hindu Tigers, who have been fighting for a separate state for the minority Tamil community" end quote, is something which Administrations past and present in recent history seem to have been unable to come to terms with realistically as the conciliations to the LTTE rather than the Tamil Community have merely spurred them on towards seeking their own goals disregarding world opinion and the charters which outline a Nation's right to its existence based on the principles of Democracy and majority rule!

The trend of the voting majority in Sri Lanka has depicted their leanings towards the dogma of these highly respected monks who won nine seats in the 225-seat parliament in Sri Lanka's April 2 election after campaigning for the first time as a single political force on a platform to protect the majority Sinhalese, who are predominantly Buddhist and their efforts can only be portrayed as noble towards the preservation of the unitarity of Sri Lanka together with her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity so shamefully disrupted by the LTTE who are none other than outcasts of a peace loving free society who have taken on an assumed and to a greater degree uninvited role of liberators through coercion and intimidation of the Tamil Community in pretense towards their own needs for survival which overall are unconstitutional and illegal .

While admonishing the UPFA Goverment for its possible missed opportunity the Monks have however pledged their support in Parliament for the President's Coalition which is somewhat concernedly short of a majority by 7 seats and the indemnification by way of full support from the Monks becomes significantly evident as their role of kingmaker is something the Government could ill afford to squander given the circumstances where consolidating a working majority within Parliament is surely of the essence and vital to the continuity of the UPFA.

While the choices for the Government were by no means easy with respect to the recent infigting of the LTTE and opportunistic moves suggested by the Monks may have had a need to be circumvented while having to consider the importance of continuing the Peace Process, the Government probably made the more judicious decision albeit the prevalent ambiguity of the Peace Process already being disrupted by the unilateral choices of the LTTE to commence aggression within Sovereign Sri Lanka which probably was a catch 22 situation for the Armed Forces and what the Monks have pointed out as a missed opportunity not necessarily fortuitous at the present time though debatable in the Monks' perception.

The disappearance of Col. Karuna in the melee might however suggest that the LTTE proper still have a daunting adversary to deal with where the eventuality of using Karuna to the advantage of the Nation as a valuable resource towards defeating Velupillai Pirapaharan's nefarious objectives utilizing what once was his inner strength a consideration. The idealogy of the Party of Buddhist Monks led by the Ven.Omalpe Sobitha Thera may serve as a great motivation towards unfinished business where greater and more powerful allies may also cooperate towards resolving an issue which has long been neglected to the point of apathy if the realities of what the Ven party of Monks have been lobbying for are put into perspective.



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