UNP Attempt To Influence Supreme Court Decision On SB Dissanayake Somewhat Laughable!

Gemunu Kumara -World Council Of Sinhala Peers for LankaWeb

If According to the latest information splashed in both the National and International Medi(BBC, Yahoo etc.) that The UNP are now attempting to coerce the release of imprisoned former UNP minister SB Dissanayake using factions of the High Buddhist Clergy, they are not only lowering their principles as a respected political party in trying to influence the Buddhist Clergy but also trying to ursurp the laws of the land and a Supreme Court Decision in favour of a high handed and criminal minded individual where justice has been meted out to him after careful deliberation and would be a travesty of justice albeit the chances of such a travesty manifesting itself highly unlikely!

Is this an involuntary indication that the UNP have been heavily dependent on the strong armed and high handed tactics of the imprisoned individual for some inconceivable reason, lost a main cog in their wheel or is it a display of their normal arrogance which like the LTTE have a composure of a 'stop at nothing' mentality to acheive their objectives? and if so far removed from reality. First and foremost the Supreme Court decision is irreversable, cannot be appealed and rescindable only by the direct dictate and discretion of the President and it seems hardly likely that the President of Sri Lanka would be bifurcated on her principles and decision making on the issue!

This would logically be a very appropriate time for the High Buddhist clergy as well as any other clergy or entities unrelated to lawmaking within Democratic Sri Lanka to stay out of politics and desist from being influenced towards confronting the Justice System of Sri Lanka if this is what the Ranil Wickremasinghe camp is attempting to do using the influence of the Mahanayake Chapter which is tantamount to baiting which the high Buddhist Clergy in all wisdom would probably not respond to.

The UNP however is a divided camp on the issue as the hindsight of Prof.G L Peiris and others of similar impact and wisdom within the UNP indicate by not having condoned the push for Dissanayake's release and very appropriately so because their knowledge of the laws of the land and the futility of the move are surely at a higher level of cognizance than that of the puerile protesters in favour of Dissanayake.

The track record of Mr. S B Dissanayaka seems bleak and tarnished despite the exhortations of some who seem to think it was he who put the President into power which even if true hypothetically bears no relevance to the man's liability in having shown continued contempt to the judiciary despite many warnings, where his liabilities stretch further into the darkness of irregularities where accusations of the misappropriation of international grants and skimming the till of funds intended for the poor while Samurdhi Minister and a vast bank account in favour of the allegations against him to this effect and his inability to prove statistically how he accumulated it.

Further testimony towards his condemnation has been depicted by his high handed mentality of intimidating the people of his constituency with his strong armed tactics and thuggery which even seems to have influenced his sons and deplorable.

The vast expression of joy, relief and celebrations by a multitude of Sri Lankans on hearing the news of his indictment and imprisonment made manifest by the firecrackers, cheering and handclapping in many areas bear testimony to the simple reality that this was by no means a popular man and those who are pressing for his release probably wasting their time or indicating collusion with a criminal for which they probably need to be indicted also.

Opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe has been reported as addressing the thousands of supporters, the so called thousands realistically miniscule in a nation of almost 19 million people where the support for SB Dissanayake's incarceration would in all probabilities be far greater if counted.

Wickremasinghe has cited the purpose of his address as one on behalf of the freedom of the country, a freedom which he very nearly compromised and and almost betrayed into the hands of the Tamil terrorists the LTTE.

A freedom which he has been allegedly involved in suppressing from masses of youth who went missing in the now infamous Batalanda Massacre which probebly needs re-opening and re investigating towards finding those responsible! Bearing in mind that SB Dissanayakes actions of the recent past have not been people friendly in a general sense it seems mind boggling that factions of the Wickremasinghe led UNP together with a few of his goons such as Messers. Rajitha Senaratne, Ravi Karunanayke to name a few are attempting to influence a meritworthy Supreme Court decision which makes the entire matter somewhat laughable!



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