Tamil Cabinet Minister Chandrasekeran Steps Out Of Line And Needs To Be Cautioned!!

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It has been reported by certain Tamil Tiger Supportive newsengines that Tamil cabinet minister of the ruling United National Front Government, Periyasamy Chandrasekeran has openly warned the Nation of Sri Lanka that Tamils were now ready for a war with Sri Lanka.This news item has been broadcast by two Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) controlled websites on January 21.

However,rather than quake at the barkings of despots such as Periyasamy Chandrasekeran which all of this amounts to, there are one of two choices for the Sri Lankan Administration in how to deal with them.Confront the man and indict him for treasonous dialogue against a Sovereign Democracy in accordance with the Constitutionalised Statutes of Sri Lanka under the Prevention of Terrorism Act or simply ignore him using the age old Sinhala Proverb "The Moon Does Not Fall Though The Dogs Bark!" and this surely seems like the barking of a pariah and an undeserving outcast who enjoys cabinet ministerial status until perhaps his time runs out so in all wisdom best ignored considering the greater priorities the Nation faces.

It must however be conveyed to Mr. Chandrasekeran that his rather insidious rhetoric has not gone unnoticed by the Sinhala Nation and his rather arrogant sounding cacophony could very well read to an inquisition of himself and his subordinates where it needs to be emphasized that it is about time he eased off on the threats and ultimatums he so boldly cares to propagate as it could very easily lead to a disentitlement of his status within the UNF Administration which continues to tolerate him and that the Sinhala the Nation is becoming rather fed up of his incessant bleatings which he should give greater thought towards desisting from in the best interests of all concerned as there always is a limit to the tolerance even of the greatest soap box orators who usually know where to draw the line unlike himself!

In a rather bold display of indiscretion while throwing caution to the winds while being somewhat of a minnow in an Administration which probably made a selective error in granting him his status as a cabinet minister Chandrasekeran has called for the solidarity between the Indian Tamil Plantation Workers of Sri Lanka and the Tamils of North and Eastern Sri Lanka implying a coalition upon which his bravado of threatening a return to war by the LTTE has been emphasized where he could be jeopardizing the recently granted amnesty towards citizenship for the plantation workers which could easily be revoked through a Constitutional Provision should these grantees exceed their privileges.

Chandrasekeran has also been accused of secretly arranging combat and guerrilla training for Plantation Region youth under false pretexts and could find himself in dire straits should he overstep the boundaries of legalities governing the National Security of Sri Lanka which he seems to be instigating with rank disregard to the laws of the land!

A recently confirmed intelligence report has discovered that that with the recommendation of Periyasamay Chandrasekaran hundreds of Indian origin Tamil youth were sent to North and East for LTTE's guerilla training under the guise of going for manual labor. LTTE representatives infiltrated into the tea plantations also under the pretension of having discussions over a water bottling plant , sources said. Should Chandrasekeran continue his disregard for Sri lanka's Constitution as blatantly as he choses to do, regardles of his proclaimed reprisals for the Nation at the hands of the LTTE whom he supports openly, there could be regrettable reprisals for the man himself where he would be better off muffling his personal sentiments rather than make a spectacle of himself in public and paying for it through the punitive action which would follow most inevitably!

The icing on the cake however remains the reality that Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe under whose control the country's Defense Ministry remained until wrested from him by the President previously refused to take action against this cabinet minister or investigate the allegations where a change of scenario could easily result and forthcoming investigations under Presidential jurisdiction! although. even after the take over of the Defense Ministry by the President , no action has been taken thus far against the Minister who is also the Leader of the Upcountry People's Front.

Despite the 'Voice in a Wilderness' nature of Chandrasekeran's dialogue, one of the sources reporting his unwelcome dialogueThe Eelamnation further quoted the Minister as having said quote, "The JVP-PA alliance is the most dangerous challenge that the Tamils have to face. If the Government does not devolve power to the Tamils to settle the conflict, then even the Lord Buddha can't stop a disastrous war. The Sinhala Nation must understand that the Thamils are prepared to face a war and the Thamils will definitely win the war if it comes towards them,"end quote and wishful thinking on Chandrasekeran's part unless he is daydreaming as perhaps it would be suicidal for the LTTE to ever return to a war where they would probably have to contend with much more than the Sri Lankan Armed Forces of yore!

Considering the political climate within Sri Lanka,it must be emphasized that he would be well advised that sedition and incitement carry heavy penalties and that he should pause for a moment before being overly zealous about his sentiments against the Sinhala Nation whom he cares to loosely term Sinhala Chauvinists who also happen to be the ruling majority and a far cry from being Chauvinists!!!



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