The Support Of The JHU Monks To Project UNF Candidate As Speaker, No Real Cause For Alarm For The JPUF Albeit Shocking By Way Of Principle!

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The composure of the current political climate of Sri Lanka seems to have taken an unfortunate turn as the decision by certain venerable monks of the JHU to help elect the pro-LTTE UNF candidate W. J. M. Lokubandara in Sri Lanka's parliament has shocked many quarters which have anticipated a fortuitous outcome for Sri Lanka after the ousting and deposing of the former UNF Administration led by Ranil Wickremasinghe. In an apathetic contradiction of JHU principles which initially pledged resentment and animosity towards the objectives and idealogies of the Liberation Tigets of Tamil Eelam whom its membership of venerated Buddhist monks viewed as totally unacceptable and prurient, they have without conscience stood alongside the LTTE supportive Tamil National Alliance and the ever prevaricating Workers Congress Jack In The Box Thondaman to defeat the UPFA Candidate by a single vote after repeatedly deadlocked balloting over a period of 9 hours.

It probably comes as a matter of concern for the UPFA at a very initial stage of its existence though no cause for real alarm yet that the somewhat perplexing and totally unexpected support given by two members of the Jathika Hela Urumaya towards projecting the United National Front candidate Mr.WJM Lokubandara for post of Speaker of the Parliament signifies a defiance of the mandate given to the President by the People of Sri Lanka at the recent General Election in conjunction with the faith shown by the people in the principles indicated at the political platforms of the pre election JHU towards the pledges of their support of the President's UPFA now contestable which may eventually portray the Jathika Hela Urumaya as betrayers of the Nation to its adversaries. There were a few tongue in cheek remarks from backbenchers that they should be re-named the JATHIKA HENA URUMAYA which apparently evoked a few titters which had to be called to order although it is not that far removed from the truth if put into perspective according to many analysts!

There are speculations that the defiance was based on the displeasure of the JHU in retaliation that the President did not utilise the internal conflict in support of the breakaway LTTE faction led by Col.Karuna in order to crush the impositions of the main group of the LTTE led by Velupillai Pirapaharan which they openly lobbied against in the lead off to the elections an issue perhaps contentious in the eyes of the President who has judiciously stayed her hand and insincere on the part of the JHU if it was indeed true that the choice of preserving the overall peace seemed the only priority for the President and Armed Forces interference a direct violation of the Peace Conditions in Sri Lanka unless inevitable. Furthermore the delicate balance between the known strength of the Armed Forces and the unknown augmentation of capabilities of the LTTE who were purported to have armed themselves to the teeth with very sophisticated equipment under cover of the prevailing ceasefire an added criterion if the matter needed putting into perspective from the Presidents standpoint which the Buddhist Monks seemed to be totally oblivious of if this indeed was their justification and somewhat puerile.

On a darker note there also appear to be undertones of a Ranil Wickremasinghe led conspiracy to foil the progress of the New Administration and a trap which the unsuspecting Monks have fallen into from which they will find the task of extricating themselves somewhat daunting if not impossible and does not augur well towards their decision making leaning towards irresponsibility to the Nation!

However this somewhat dubious decision of the JHU by way of its credibility towards the future of Sri Lanka although it appears to have thrown a spanner in the works of the ruling Party as it could disrupt the legislative control of the UPFA albeit not necessarily so as there have been Speakers within Parliament from the Opposition previously .The UPFA whose legislative powers have been restricted by the lack of a ruling majority will need to prioritise its pursuance in order to maintain stability within the Nation while also resting their confidences in the Constitutional Powers of the President who still has an unshakable mandate until the end of the Year 2005 where all is not lost and the outcome of her accomplishment rests on some ingenuity on her part to secure the all important majority and turn around what may appear to be a challenge to her authority!

It has however drawn shocked responses from many areas benevolent and empathetic towards the well being of Sri Lanka where the outstanding consensus seems to have been portrayed in the wisdom of the sentiments thus expressed that quote" Under any circumstance the act of Buddhist Monks in the Parliament was unacceptable to anti-separatist movements and the progressive segments that represent the unitary system in Sri Lanka. The faith entrusted on Buddhist monks have been tarnished and future prospects for supporting progressive activities are in jeopardy " end quote by the well known impartee of intellectual wisdom relating to Sri Lankan matters, Dr.Asoka Perera of Canada which appropriately sums up what has now gone down in history as a shameful betrayal of the Nation by a few respected members of the Buddhist Clergy who have probably capitulated to the ongoing attempts of the former power hungry Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe to further disrupt the state of the Nation and betray it to its enemies with only his personal ambitions and those of his caucases prevailing. An attempt which was quelled at its inception by the ever watchful Matriarch of Sri Lanka, President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga in the best interests of Sri Lanka and rightfully so!.

This is a time when the Nation must rally round its present Political Leadership to withstand any ramifications of this unfortunate turn of events and sustain the mandate given to its President whose credentials to govern and maintain the well being of Sri Lanka should never be tarnished, disrupted or permitted to get into disarray by a few unscrupulous subversives and renegades who seem to have the unfettered support of a few weak kneed and imperceptive individuals who sadly also belong to the Sinhala Ethnicity.



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