Ramanie de Zoysa

Another one of the vicious killers of the LTTE has escaped death at the hands of his master Prabhakaran thanks to the good offices of the SL government. The SL Govt provided safe transport to this killer to escape from the LTTE stronghold in Wanni to the safety of Colombo (among the Sinhalese!) thereafter boarding a Sri Lankan Airlines aircraft to Singapore!

This brings up that multi-million-dollar question once again to the fore - why is the SL govt helping these despicable killers to survive? These so-called colonels and commandos are not only terrorists but also are traitors to the country who without an iota of humanity or decency mowed down thousands of state troops as well as innocent civilians and declared war against the democratically elected government and its people. Why then does the SL govt feel duty bound to pick up these pieces of trash from the Wanni and deliver them to safety every time their lives are threatened by the LTTE- Wanni hierarchy? When was the last time the SL govt picked up an innocent law abiding Sinhalese or a Muslim civilian from the East or the North and delivered them to safety in the South because their lives were threatened by the LTTE? There is no record of the SL govt providing this service even to the state troups who were employed in the war torn areas and who were specific targets of the LTTE at various times. Take for example the Sinhalese policeman killed in the East early this year while travelling on a bus who was dragged out of the bus and shot by the LTTE in front of all the commuters! His life was in specific danger from the LTTE and the Govt was apparently informed about these threats.

I don't know the answer to this question and I would love to find out if anyone does. I can only guess the possible scenarios and there are two possibilities- the first possibility is that Anton Balasingham from his safe haven in London got on the blower to the Norwegian buddies who in turn turned a few screws to tighten the nooses around the necks of top Govt officials and ordered that Soosai be picked up and delivered to safety. Balasingham himself, who is currently not quite the flavour of the month with Prabhakaran, nevertheless has the full backing of the two-timing Norwegians. Balasingham was quite protective of the image of the LTTE which is falling apart in full view of the international on-lookers and he knows that the LTTE could not survive another top-rung split. He intuitively reached for the plaster to fix this latest gaping hole by removing Soosai from danger. Killing of Soosai and the other defector Swarnam by the Prabha killing-machine would have been suicidal to the LTTE. Where this action will place Balasingham in terms of the LTTE- Wanni is yet to be seen. Prabha may be considering hiring the 'Cheif Commander' of the womens brigade of the LTTE-Wanni wing, Adele Balasingham, to pull the plug from Anton's kidney dialysis
machine in retribution!

The second scenario is that the SL Govt is eternally trying to impress and score marks off the LTTE, the Norwegians and the international community by being the 'nice guys on the block'. I think this is also a quite plausible scenario. The SL Govt constantly displays the mentality of a school-boy with an extremely low slef-esteem who donates his lunch packet to the school bullies and gets beaten by them daily but picks up the bully who trips and falls while beating him in the hope that his bullies will one day realise that he is actually a very nice boy and stop beating him! It is this kind of masochism that makes the SL govt protect the LTTE from total annihilation by its own hand. Starting from the release of Kittu in the late seventees to the ten prisoners released in exchange for two homeguards last week the SL government has protected and released to society the most cruel killers in history who would then go on to impose so much pain and suffering on innocent civilians. Karuna was also shielded from a gruelling fate by certain 'elements' in the Armed forces with or without the knowledge of the SL Govt-. he now lives to slaughter many more Sinhalese at a future date in the course of his march to carve out that Tamil 'country' which 70 million Tamils worldwide (only 4m of them Sri lankan!) aspire to. For the time being Karuna is anti- LTTE Wanni but after destroying Prabha this killer will once again turn on the Sinhalese. Karuna is a coward and a racist who slaughtered 1000 policemen who surrendered and he harbours immense hatred towards the Sinhalese who in his view stand in his way of grabbing someone else's land to create a Tamil kingdom. This Tamil kingdom is by no means only for the Sri Lankan Tamils; this is the dream of the Tamil Nationalist Movement worldwide which consists of a wide range of people starting from the Tamil Nationalist 'writers' such as Thanjai Nallankili from the ghettos of Tamil Nadu across the Palk Strait, Tamil 'intellectuals' educated by Sri Lanka's free-education system who are living overseas and earning good foreign currency thanks to that education, and Tamil curry powder boutique owners in the London suburbs who obviously got into the country as 'refugees' and operate as fronts for the fund-raising of one LTTE faction or the other under various guises. All these 70m individuals are waiting for the day when there will be the flag of the Tamil Kingdom fluttering in the winds of the United Nations displaying the ferocious face of a tiger. It matters not to these 70million people upon whose grave the 'Tamil Kingdom' is created.

There is only one solution I see for solving the problem of Tamil terrorism which continues to plague Sri Lanka- that solution is complete elimination of the terrorists and their arms from the country. No amount of nice-guy deeds or cowing down to foreign anti- Sri Lankan forces will ever rid the country of this menace.



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