Threat of war has become the latest catchword for the pro-LTTE, anti- national private media that relentlessly attempts to mislead the masses through its vicious misinformation crusade, aimed at toppling the government with the help of LTTE. The reactionary UNP too parroting the LTTE slogans paints a bleak and frightening picture. The treacherous nincompoop Peiris, who is detested and branded as a leading green-tiger by many patriots, claims that the ceasefire is in peril and his party, the UNP would officially convey their deep concern to the Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister during his forthcoming visit to Sri Lanka this week. Does the UNP consider that Sri Lanka as a colony of Norway and we should act according to the whims and fancies of the White Tiger Norwegians?

Despite overwhelming rejection of the UNP by the general masses, in two rounds of recent elections, it has not made any attempt to deviate from its anti-national LTTE servile policies. It failed to make any condemnation of the threatening speech made by one of its partners in the so-called joint opposition, the TNA Jaffna MP Gajendran. This terrorist-proxy MP threatened the nation from the floor of Parliament last week that 22000 government soldiers would be flown home in coffins. This is the most despicable statement made by anyone against Sri Lanka, and warrants strong condemnation by all patriotic Sri Lankans. Gajendran deserves to have been taught an unforgettable lesson in the floor of the Parliament itself, and certainly there would have been many robust members in the government side who were compelled to exercise restrain in doing so in the face of despicable negative and hostile criticism being made against them by the private media mafia servile to UNP/LTTE coali tion.

This speech failed to draw worthy attention from the private media and instead they gave publicity to an allegation made by another proxy-MP saying that Minister of Tourism Mr. Anura Bandaranaike had accompanied Karuna to Singapore. Mr. Bandaranaike has categorically denied this allegation.

The Norwegians who are expected to act as a facilitator of talks between the government and the terrorists continue to transgress their legitimate role and take an apparent anti Sri Lankan stance snubbing valid criticisms, even after the change of government. Similarly the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission headed by the Norwegians continues to act as the voice of tigers. The Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister who is expected to visit Sri Lanka this week has warned that that escalating violence would shatter the fragile ceasefire thereby indirectly accusing the government responsibility for the so-called violence in the East. At the same time the head of the SLMM has strongly urged the government to take meaningful and effective action to curb violence in the East. These two white tigers have completely failed to raise the accusing finger against the LTTE the real culprit, who are responsible for many killings in the East recently including the murder of the Akkaraipattu Pradesh iya Sabha Chairman who was a member of the EPDP. Both of them instead of expressing fair and independent views about the actual situation in the country have only echoed the partisan views and comments made by last week’s Tamil Guardian Editorial.

The unrest in the East is the LTTE’s own creation and neither the UNP nor the Norwegians have any right to blame the government or the security forces for things happening there. If the LTTE was not fascist and treated the Tamils in the East without discriminating them, there would have been no uprising against them in the East. No one can deny that LTTE will have the same threats even in the North if it is not for the threatening pistol gangs that keep the people’s resentment at bay.

However, the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission is duty bound to prevent killing of unarmed innocent people there and condemn LTTE for violating the ceasefire. It has continued to abdicate this responsibility. Murder of Karuna loyalists inside the prison and murder of EPDP elected representatives were carried out by none other than the LTTE, and yet the SLMM instead of condemning the LTTE caution the government against violation of ceasefire. It has failed to reprimand the LTTE for hundreds of murders carried by them since the so-called ceasefire came into operation. There is no open license given to LTTE to murder people whenever and wherever they want.

The government should not remain silent in the face of threats being made by the LTTE and the UNP of returning to another war, and should take early action to mobilize international opinion against these unreasonable and hollow threats. The people have given a clear and loud approval to the government based on its declared policies and they have not given any consent to the government to budge into LTTE/UNP threats. Therefore, the government should demand the threatening elements and the Norwegians to respect the people’s desire. The people will rise against these threats with any kind of sacrifice and will back and protect the government as long as the government marches forward in keeping with their hopes and aspirations.



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