Alleged Corruption at High Places in Sri Lanka

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I am annexing a copy of a news report carried in the Asian Tribune of December 16, 2004, wherein they have detailed properties acquired by one Harendra Kolith Balapatabendi in Melbourne, Australia valued at Australian Dollars 4.2 Million. Mr. H.K Balapatabendi is a son of Mr. Kusumsiri Balapatabendi, former Secretary to the Preident of Sri Lanka, and High Commissioner designate to Australia. Mr. H.K. Balapatabendi had emigrated to Australia around 1997/1998 but accumulated this vast sum of money, and was able to make payment for the seven high priced properties in cash. The Asian Tribune has indicated the money so invested in properties in Melbourne are likely linked to the lucrative arms deals the Balapatabendis' were involved in, back in Sri Lanka.

This story raises many issues where persons closely associated with the ruling regime, whether it was the PA or the UNP, were able to engage in questionable business dealings and make enormous profits at the expense of both the tax payer and deprived masses of Sri Lanka. It is indeed a crying shame that decision makers overlook issues of CONFLICT OF INTEREST in doing business with the state, and get away without any questions being asked. The impropriety does not end there, but enables such officials to be selected as diplomats to represent the country in foreign lands. The report also speaks of Mr. Chandrananda de Silva, former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, who too naturally had a big hand in the awarding of arms contracts being selected as the High Commissioner designate to Canada.

We expatriate Sri Lankans are totally dismayed by the lack of integrity and proper standards in the selection of individuals for high office. In our experience, most often, Sri Lanka has been better served by Career Diplomats who are professionally equipped to play an important role to safeguard Sri Lanka's interests in the capitals of the world. We certainly would find it difficult to cooperate with Sri Lankan officials with a murky record whose integrities have been questionable, even though our hearts are fully committed to our motherland. Comments made by a friend in Australia too is submitted herewith for your information.

Yours sincerely,

Mahinda Gunasekera


Subject: Re: Alleged Corruption at High Places in Sri Lanka


For the attention of our 'LEADERS' to whom this msg is copied

We are perplexed to hear that such men who have led the nation astray are being considered to be appointed to foreign postings. Is it to recognise the capablity to rob the nation? Ex-pats should query this situation . Our 'Ledaers' should open their eyse to this specific issue and answer how an average 'lawyer' was able to make his son a dollar millionire.

Pls probe into the spectacular progress made by Balapatabendi family and infor the nation where 1/3 of the population is mal-nourished.

Ranjith Soysa




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