UPFA You Are Acting Like a Mentally Retarded Patient!


What a fool’s paradise Sri Lanka’s Government has become! First we had Ranil the Idiot’s bootlicking of one of the world’s most horrific terrorist groups and attempting to break up the country to appease them, and now we have a UPFA administration in power virtually going around the Mulberry Bush, behaving like a mentally retarded patient!

Let us consider the following current events:

Madam CBK is more interested now in the Sinhala community making an apology to the 1983 riot’s Tamil victims and not so much about the burning issue at hand. Obviously, she appears to have had a memory lapse that the previous UNF regime (headed by the Royal Idiot our history has ever known!) allowed this terrorist group to encroach into all parts of the country, in the guise carrying out “political activity,” and since then and including to this day, they continue to use that freedom to assassinate political opponents and carry out racial killings of Moslems and Sinhalese with impunity (remember the Ethnic Cleansing they practiced to an fine art during the 80’s?). The LTTE’s recent attacks of Buddhist temples and killing of venerable monks and devotees needs immediate attention and action. Is it more important now to expend energies on orchestrating an apology for the riots that happened over 20 years ago - under the then UNP regime of which Ranil the Idiot was a key figure than to concentrate on the precarious security situation of the country? I have not heard any protest from the UPFA about these temples attacks, or the killing of EPDP or Karuna cadres. Apparently, the UPFA administration is now busy with this apology business! Madam CBK and the UPFA, do not be led down a fool’s path! Please understand that this apology will not make an iota of a difference to the LTTE’s stand as they are hell bent on achieving Eelam – and they do not give a rat’s ass about kind gestures at this stage! This terrorist group, now roaming freely in the so called government controlled (yes this is a highly debatable point I agree!) area, to this day, have not decommissioned a single pistol or a bullet, leave alone the heavy weaponry that they possess (thanks largely to the built up to a deadly arsenal level under Ranil the Idiot’s tenure). UPFA, do you not think that it is sheer lunacy to let an armed-to-the-teeth group continue to carry out their separatist agenda – called of course “political activity” - amongst civilians? Civilians are continuing to be harassed, assaulted and murdered for not giving into these killers – yes, right within the so called your UPFA government controlled areas! Either the LTTE should come to a democratic settlement – within the unitary state of Sri Lanka with no ifs and buts – or their freedom to roam in the government controlled areas should be withdrawn tout de suit! If this means war then so be it as the current situation is setting the stage for war anyway, but the difference is that the current situation is making LTTE stronger by the day and hence, when the inevitable war starts, the country’s brave defense forces will be at a severe disadvantage.

Norwegian and their appointed pawn, the SLMM, continue to turn a blind eye to LTTE atrocities including the recent suicide bombing in Colombo as well as the continuing assassinations of EPDP and Karuna faction cadres. The UPFA regime in turn has taken the mother-load of horse-poop criticism from the Norwegian government and the SLMM, sometimes directly or in coded words, with a servile attitude for the violence. UPFA has not categorically pointed out to these biased miscreants – and also to the International Community – that it is not the SL Government that is responsible for the “worsening situation” (I really don’t see a “worsening situation” – this is the situation that was inevitable given how hastily Ranil the fool entered into this infamous MOU with the LTTE). As I have said many times before, it is time that we, the citizens of Sri Lanka, demanded that these biased miscreants be kicked out of our sovereign soil as their hidden agenda is to break up SL and give LTTE a separate state on a platter. This was confirmed long ago by their words and deeds!

TNA MP’s are now roaming about India and attempting to convince the Congress administration that what LTTE really wants is to fit into a federal state within SL! Wow, what else is new? However, they are known as Tamil Eelam MP’s in some of the events that they are attending! Did the SL state finance these separatist-terrorist-stooges’ visit to India? I would not be surprised! One thing I can take comfort from is that now the Indian leaders are no fool to fall prey to LTTE’s ploys unlike the never-learning SL leaders!

UPFA, you are indeed acting like a mentally retarded patient!



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