Open Letter to Prime Minister, Government of Norway from Tamileela Ikkiya Viduthalai Munnani.

P.Rajaratnam. Coordinator, Tamileela Ikkiya Viduthalai Munnani.

The Hon'ble Prime Minister,
Government of Norway,

Hon'ble Sir,

Since independence the Sri Lankan Tamils are fighting for their rights. Moderate Tamil leaders chose the non violence path to achieve freedom, later it took turn to violence, when the Tamils were subjected to state terrorism to suppress the freedom struggle.

Several politico-military organizations emerged among the Tamils to fight against the state forces to save the Tamils from total annihilation. Regardless the differences of opinions of all Tamil organization's guns were pointed towards the Sri Lankan forces to safeguard the Tamil's interest. Even at that beginning stage Prabakaran's gun was pointed towards the Tamil people. Instead of fighting united Prabakaran chose the path of eliminating any one who he thought would challenge his leadership, and had succeeded almost all the time. After eliminating all the Tamil leaders Prabakaran claims the sole representation of the Tamils. And it is worst for the Tamils, for the Norway accepting it.

Norway came forward to render its service to bring peace to Sri Lanka, and succeeded in bringing LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government to sign a peace agreement. Everyone thought the peace is going to prevail in Sri Lanka, but only the Sri Lankan forces and the LTTE enjoyed the peace, while the Tamils are left to suffer in the clutches of the LTTE. The Norway is not least concern about the ordinary people.

Is Norway not aware of the atrocities caused to the Tamils, and the Tamil leaders brutally murdered by the LTTE. Not only the Political leaders, even the intellectuals and the learned were intimidated, who did not accept their ideas, and most of them were compelled to leave the country to avert assassination.

We would like to remind the Valuable Tamil leaders and the leaders of Sri Lanka who were ruthlessly murdered by the LTTE, and the Tamils are let at lurch without able leaders.
1. A.Amirthalingam. - M.P and Secretary General of TULF.
2. V.Yogeswaran. - M.P.
3. Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam. - M.P. and constitutional lawyer.
4. Pathmanaba. - Leader of EPRLF.
5. Sri Sabaratnam. - Leader of TELO.
6. Kirubakaran. - M.P.
7. Sam Thambimuthu. - M.P.
8. Yogasangaree. - M.P.
9. Thangathurai. - M.P.
10. Mrs.Sarojini. - Mayor of Jaffna.
11. Sivabalan. - Mayor of Jaffna.
12. Sambantha Moorthy. - Chairman of District Council.
13. Proctor Nadarajan. - Chairman of District Council.
14. Jegan. - Leader of TELE.
15. Devan. - Leader of TELA.
16. Sundaram. - Leader of PLOTE.
17. Premadasa. - President of Sri Lanka.
18. Athulath Mnthalee. - Minister.
19. Ranjan Wijeratne. - Minister.

They went to the extent to murder the former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi.

We believe that Norway is well aware of all these systematical killings by Prabakaran. Even today the killings are continuing on before your own eyes, to ensure that nobody challenges his authorization rulership.

The civilized world knows well that the LTTE is nothing but a ruthless fascist terrorist organization, and it is banned in several countries for their terrorist act. But knowing the fact very well, Norway never came forward to stop the killings, or at least condemns the killings; instead they recognized the LTTE as the sole representative of the Tamils. If Norway could not stop killings even after signing the peace agreement, then it is not worthy to continue as mediator, if Norway continues to facilitate the peace process it will only encourage the LTTE's killings.

Norway's initiative to hand over the ISGA to the LTTE will only pave way for an authoritarian rule. Norway is a democratic country and knows the value of democracy, then why does the Norway intend to thrust the Tamils into an authoritarian ruler, denying the Tamils their democratic rights, is it just because might is right. The clear study of LTTE's ISGA only proves that they will not accept any democratic system in the North and East of Sri Lanka. Handing over of the ISGA is like giving license to kill, and approval for the past atrocities. The people living under LTTE's rule can never live in peace and without fear.

There are doubts regarding the function of the SLMM in the mind of the people, it is the duty of the Norway to clear it, and we will be grateful for the same.

1. Knowing well that LTTE is a terrorist organization, and it had been banned in several countries, then why does Norway recognize LTTE as sole representative of the Tamil people. If a similar organization exists in Norway, will the liberal nation recognize such organization?

2. The Tamil people are suffering for a long period, and are yearning for a peaceful democratic solution, and through it expecting peace will prevail. Ignoring the Tamils wish, why does Norway insist on thrusting the Tamil people's fate into the hands of terrorist?

3. LTTE's proposal of ISGA is not a solution for the ethnic issue, it is only to recognize and approve authoritarian rule. In the ISGA there is no room for democracy. What does Norway gain by denying the Tamils their democratic rights, by insisting to hand over the ISGA to the LTTE?

4. What have the LTTE achieved so far other than killings to be recognized by Norway as sole representative of Tamil people. And are being carried on tour to Europe countries on Norway's expenses. Is Norway trying to get recognition for LTTE's terrorist activities, and to get approval from International Community to allow LTTE to continue their killings? If so then Norway is also to be condemned for supporting terrorist.

The neighboring country India, took great initiative to bring peaceful solution to the ethnic issue. After signing the Indo-Sri Lankan agreement both the signatories accepted the handing over of the interim administration to the LTTE, and the world knows what happened next, is Norway not aware of it. We request Norway to study the past history to understand the attitude of the LTTE, and enquire as why India is backing off from the issue. And Norway will come to a conclusion that LTTE can never be convinced to accept democracy.

The TIVM places its gratitude to Norway for taking initiative to bring peace to the Island. But the partial activities favoring LTTE had only aggravated the crisis further. Therefore we request Norway to withdraw from the mediation activities, it will pave way for countries that does not have selfish intention, and have interest only in the peace process, and about to bring a permanent solution to Sri Lankan ethnic affairs.

Tamileela Ikkiya Viduthalai Munnani.

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