Defeat this conspiracy against the Sri Lankan chief justice a challenge before the genuine patriots

Pandula Endagama

The long hatched conspiracy against a Buddhist holding the supreme post of chief justice of the country is back in full swing this time under a different guise. Those who through ignorance of the realities in Sri Lanka and refuse to believe the allegation made by the unbiased patriotic people that evangelists are behind every conspiracy may well realize the truth of this if only they understand the motive and the history of this long dragging conspiracy under the guise of justice and fair play.

This despicable act is only another in the long line of perpetrated acts to consolidate the power of the evangelists in the country. In the instant issue the immediate objective was to unseat the incumbent Buddhist from the highest post in judiciary and secure it for a catholic. This was hatched when an aspirant was there. But the targeted person is no more in the service. Still the conspiracy goes on. It in itself proves that these conspirators are keener to see that a Buddhist should not be allowed to survive in that position.
The present chief justice of Sri Lanka started to be a target of attack of a well-organized section for well over five or more years now. It started with the Arvada tabloid group, a disguised secret agent of the evangelists. It made certain allegations against the CJ and presented it in such an attractive manner that all unsuspecting people believed them and came to the conclusion that such a person does not deserve to hold an esteem position like CJ. Then only it was discovered that this was a part of a long and well-planned sinister move and conspiracy hatched by local agents with the full backing of the international movement of the anti-Sinhala-Buddhist conspirators to oust the Buddhist from the post and install a Christian.

One will easily be convinced of the sinister nature of this conspiracy if only the main actors behind this play are identified. Ravaya continued their attacks unabated for several years when their own problems compelled them to be brought before courts. Any action against them was distorted as an act against independence of the press. Hence the group who banded themselves as free media men took up the responsibility of attacking the CJ to send him off. But only a few knew that there was hardly any freedom for these media men or even for their readers since they were dictated by the financiers who happened to be foreign agents therefore it is very obvious that they are acting only as their master's voice.

The CIA agents who infiltrated into the youths movement in 1971 and set up the youths against the govt. they themselves established in 1970 enriched anti-Sinhala-Buddhist forces. Today one can identify easily these CIA agents who infiltrated then from the fact that all of them subsequently had benefited from the American benevolence and achieved much in all aspects. They were secured high positions, financial assistance, scholarships etc. They are today in the universities, govt. depts. private sector, NGO field and every where. Wherever they may be in return for what they get they serve their masters very faithfully up to now though it happen to be treacherously for the country. They work against the govts. of the people and progressives by sabotaging at all levels. They are in very high positions and with the funds provided by foreign agencies they manipulate things easier and quicker than the legitimate govt. That is how they stand a huge threat to the people and their govt.

Latest set of actors in this conspiracy is certain politicians who happen to be evangelists' agents and those accused of fraud public funds and utilities. The law enforcement authorities are pursued them and it is imminent that they would be herded into law courts very soon. Before this happens they manipulate the so-called free media men and other agents to character assassinate the CJ so that subsequently they can seek redress on the count of strained personal relationships prompting their convictions if and when convicted. To bolster their case there will be the international agencies who are providing them funds to unsettle the country.
Even the timing of the high publicity given to the attacks on the CJ is very significant. Evangelists are been put on the mat for they're not only unethical but even most inhuman activities perpetrated on innocent Buddhists. Bills are been presented in the parliament against their actions and despite the protests made by this minority bills are sure to become laws. These agents try their best to make a big puss about the CJ before this whole process starts because then they hope they can manipulate the judiciary, as they want. Even the cases against the criminals who had fraudulently used public funds and utilities can be soft-paddled, as they believe if the CJ is ousted.

It must also be mentioned that CJ as the president of the Mahapola scholarship fund recently raised a serious legal issue related to the corrupt politician who without his knowledge as the president getting the politician's henchmen to approve a transfer of several millions of public funds to an individual trust account. Serious nature of this problem no doubt compels the politician to muster all his resources to get rid of the CJ before he is fully exposed.

What is most absurd and humorous as well is that all these are done in the name of democracy, freedom of the press, freedom of worship and all other most attractive set of concepts. But in actual fact one would see that it is among these gangs that they're no democracy at all, no freedom of expression, no freedom for others to worship the way they want and it goes on. Yet they claim they are the greatest defenders of these great things.

For them to get publicity to all these manipulations they have the media on their side. There are the so-called national press own and managed by the evangelists, politically motivated uncle's group, tabloids, English weeklies, TV channels run by bookie owners, drug peddlers, pawnbrokers, underworld leaders all of whom are strong and ardent supporters of un nationalists party. This is where the people and the people's govt. are lagging behind.

Hence time has come for us to expose these pretenders and leave no room for them to deceive the people any more. Towards this noble objective we must without any further hesitation unite and defeat this most foul conspiracy of the anti-Sinhala-Buddhist forces.



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