National apology, what it means
"aba ke evunge mole danawa"-

Pandula Endagama

Sri Lankan executive President by resorting to an uncalled for and unmandated apology for an incident whose authors and participants are not clearly established appears to have played herself into the hands of the enemy on her own wish for which she cannot expect any sympathy or redress from the people who loved her so much.

With this summersault she may appear to be very smart in the eyes of her western allies. Tigers while not accepting it as a genuine gesture would be pleased to consider her as a fugitive prisoner in their custody.However to all others she is sure to be a reincarnation of the historical characters of maname queen or even kuveni who in both instances betrayed their lawful partners unmercifully for the sake of temporary lust of love of the enemy or the rival.

We are a nation who had always been very sympathetic at the distreses even the worst enemies had to face. We had rendered every assistance to help them out of such perilous situations. No other nation may be fortunate enough to boast of a historical record as Sinhala-Buddhidts in the spheres of selfless service to others, philanthropy, generosity etc. Hence we are genuinely proud to be what we are today thanks to our noble forefathers. It was the atrocious interventions of the foreigners, westerners in particular that interrupted the swift and smooth flow of this harmonious and peaceful life pattern of the Sinhala-Buddhists. But still since the influence of Buddhism has been overiding we maintain upto now this glorious and much appreciated lifestyle to the delight of the members of other communities who live among us.

Hence this unpatriotic and uncalled for act made allegedly on behalf of the nation is highly improper and untenable for her to make. She is not mandated to do a thing like that. There is no need what so ever to apologise for something we are not responsible. Had there been a need it would have been made before anybody reminded about it. Therefore we do not want to associate ourselves with her apology. We consider it to be only a personal apology from her if she feels she is guilty. It is such occasions that are perfectlyl described by our old saying "aba ke evunge mole danawa". if you have been responsible for any action then you may be suffering mentally and physically and hence make such utterances. But then why do you want to drag the nation?

The incidents of 83 though we all admit to be most demeaning cannot be ascribed to any one community or the entire nation to start with. The atrocious incidents that took place in and around Colombo are not isolated incidents. They were provoked by certain even more atrocious events that had taken place in the north. Who ever who started it first the truth is that both or all communities were equally responsible for what happened. Therefore only one community or section cannot be held responsible and no one community can be compelled to tender apology for a crime it was not responsible for. Our efforts should be to prevent the repetition of any such thing in the future rather than try to score from it by trying to be too smart.
We are not sure where she had been at the time these crimes took place But as commoners we were eye-witnesses to the incidents. We categorically say that it was Sinhala-Buddhists who provided all the safety and protection to these victims of hooligans manipulated by political thugs. I have personal experience of giving protection in my own home to more than 36 Tamils for more than 5 days of severe incidents and handing them over to the army to be despatched to camps. Army major whose help I sought to despatch them to camps is still living if verification is necessary. We did the same in 1977,79 and 81 also thus 1983 being only the last occasion.

My family was not alone, there were hundreds more who looked after their safety. Food parcels were delivered to ensure that they were not starved. Temples were converted into safe houses and food supply was ensured. Bhikkus acted as their dukgannaralas-bearers of sufferings. Thugs and hooligans were reported to the law enforcement authorities.All these were done at our own risk and having no guarantee of protection from the thugs. But the picture painted at the international scene was that Sinhala-Buddhists were murderers and inflicted severe damage on the Tamils.This was nothing to be surprised since this was exactly what the inciters wanted to achieve.

However our efforts were highly appreciated by these grateful Tamils unlike the ungrateful power-hungry politicians who manipulate and use these for their gains, by inviting us to their Jaffna homes and paying their highest respect for what we did for them. The bond between the Sinhala and Tamil people had been very strong and cordial until the despicable politicians from all sides ruined it

Therefore it would be seen that there is no justification whatsoever to drag the entire Sinhala nation into this most regrettable incident. It must be kept in mind that none can clap with one hand and unless there are 2 sides no querrels can take place. Hence there is no justification to tender apology on behalf of the nation which has an unbeatable long and proud record of looking after and honouring even the worst enemy when in distress. It is to the unpatriotic western oriented colonial outpits ignorant of and uninspired by the great wisdom of their own heritage that these incidents appear as the thuggery of the nation. They cannot see anyother way since they are made anti-Sinhala-Buddhist by the enemies of the nation.
Secondly we are compelled to ask the honourable men and women who take pride in apologising whether this had been the one and the only occasion when such offences had taken place and if there had been previous occasions whether such apologies had been tendered by those responsible for those incidents.

Sri Lanka is not the only country where such calamities had happened and hence such incidents are considered common occurances in the modern politically diverse societies. Even in Sri Lanka this certainly was not the first occasion of similar incidents. Nor anybody had tendered apologies in the past.

It is worth reminding the President without going very far into history that in1959 her own father late SWRD Bandaranayake, the honoured Prime Minister who was considered the Diyasena Kumaraya was assassinated by the reactionaries whose brain behind was the notorious Catholic Action. It was a blow aimed at the whole nation. But upto now nobody had ever apologised Even to the beveared family. President would have been a school girl at the time but certainly big enough to feel the impact. has she once asked those responsible to apologise?

In 1957 again there was communal riots in the country and much damage was inflicted. However it was later discovered that these were all manipulations by the sections of the population who acted with the conivance of foreign collaborators to destabilise the Sinhala-Buddhist country. Catholic action was behind these inciting The Catholic Tamils to rebel against the Sri Lankan government. Have anyone of the responsible culprits ever tendered an apology for the immense damage caused to bring down Bandaranayake government which was resuurecting the lost heritage of the country.

Our President is one who had the benefit of an illustrious mother as well whom we still regard as the modern Viharamahadevi. not solely because she was a woman but her dedication to the nation, people and religion was such that only comparable heroic character in history happens to be Viharamahadevi.But has the President forgotten that even she had a very narrow escape from death at the hands of the Catholic action instigated coup de'tat in 1962. Have those responsible for or those who waited to benefit from it ever apologised to the President and the family or the nation even after the entire story was unfolded?

Wrong is a wrong whoever commits it and no wrong can be undone by committing another wrong. But does it applies only to Sinhala-Buddhists, the true heirs to the land? Otherwise how many innocent lives had been swallowed by the atrocious murderers of the LTTE to whom President and all others show such great sympathy. You remember the massacres at the foot of the Sri Mahabodhi, Aranthalawa, Maradana, Dehiwala, Fort,Katunayake, Dalada Maligawa and many other places? Is it after the generous apology tendered by that saintly Pirihakaran that President and others had started tendering apologies to the LTTE. Let us not become laughing stocks when nation expects its leaders to be sensible and responsible.

However most hillarious and rediculous is the comments made by certain self-appointed human right activists or social justice theorists that appeared in the Sunday Observer of 25th July praising the President for making this illfamous apology. Again to begin with as we have always been doing we warn the President to be careful about these so-called friends. They are actually prashasthi singers. They sing in praise only when she takes measures which are harmful to the people, country, nation and Buddhism Because they want some how or other to see that these are destroyed so that their foreign masters can have a hayday with Evangelism spread, Americanism consolidated, LTTE given Elam and Sri Lankans made slaves of the new-colonialism. If the President is not an agent of these enemies then might well she safe-guards herself against them rather than get carried away by their praises.

Prof Jayadewa Uyangoda, ex-parliamentarian Siddharthan, LTTE proxie TNA parliamentarian Joshep Pararajasekaram. are among these singers. If one challenges that let any non-sinner throw the first verbal praise, what would be the reaction of these so-called greats? As mentioned previously can Siddharthans and Josheps kindly tell us on how many occasions have you all apologised for the atrocious crimes perpetrated on the innocents in the country. If by chance you opted to apologise is it not true that you will have no time for other things than apologising because the crimes committed are so numerous.
Have you all apologised even to the widows of that genuinely gentleman Alfred Appadorai, your own mentor Amirthaligam, or renowned scholar Neelan Thiruchelvam ? Have you all stop killing the innocent Tamils who oppose you at the most. aren't the killings continue to take place just like Tendulkar scores centuries without any apologies. How can you then sing in praise of the President?

Prof Jayadewa Uyangoda no doubt is a very well known character but not as a scholar or academician but as an accused in the famous 1971 insurrection case- Maha Naduwa. People have not forgotten Uyangoda though all the prefixes and suffixes are forgotten. So are his comrades like Podi Athula [Ravaya editor], Loku Athula [ex-MP who crossed over to the rightful place] tabloit editor cum FMM stalwart,and many others who are all in the same camp Today fighting for human rights [whose?] freedom of press [for whom], social justice [for themselves], alternative policies [against people's policies] etc with the help of foreign funds flooding in to unsettle any people's government.

Now the question is when Uyangoda praises President for her action has he set the example before by apologising to the millions of people in this country for the atrocities committed by him and his comrades in 1971. It is not merely the people who lived at the time but even future generations who suffer from their crimes, country's progress was taken back by more than 30-40 years.If so does not Uyangoda and his comrades even now feel shy and obligatory to make an apology to the present day people and generations to come for the criminal actions resorted to then. Don't you consider according to the social justice theories you propagate that you are legally not entitle to hold responsible posts and hence leave all public positions held by you..

Mere apology would not be sufficient. You will have to confess that it was on CIA instigation that you all came into distrupt the people's government that was established in 1970. General belief is that it is as a result of the services rendered by them all that Americans had helped them all to gain all these present wealth and properity. It is in return for this that they all still continue to serve the foreign masters. One may find that present JVP had taken the progressive road since they had realised that their predicessors had committed a mistake. So it is as good as that apology. Now it is these pretenders' turn before singing praises to others to tender the aopology to the public. But it can not be a mere verbal one .Let them crawl from Colombo to the sacred temple of tooth relics and having worshipped from the open ground in front of the Maligawa they must in kneeling position make the apology.

If you have courage to do this then we will take your praises as sincere and genuine Otherwise they will be just like their committment for that revolution of the proletariat where in fact they were waging a revolution of the CIA and for the CIA.
May it be known by every one who marks time to betray the masses who empower them just for the favours from the foreign masters that people will never forgive for their treachery and treason. This is a country offered as gift to the sambuddha sasanaya and hence no one will be able to unsettle it. The mighty forefathers of some of the wretched politicians of today had been serving the colonials with the hope of gifting the whole island but failed. Today their grand children too will meet with the same fate. Hence do not burn your fingers unnecessarily. forget about apologies and concentrate on public welfare. The people will do the rest.



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