Denmark Questions Why There Are Exceptions Towards LTTE Banning And Bravo To That!

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While the likes of SP Thamilselvam on behalf of the LTTE continue to dither and babble about their legitimacies and rights and bicker about the realities which place the Government of Sri Lanka's rights to recognition as inalienable, being a Sovereign Entity there have been many responses from areas of international perception on the criminalities of the LTTE while demanding their incarceration! The latest is the voice of Denmark's Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen who has urged the European Union (EU) to take note that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Sri Lanka'sTamil terrorist group fighting for secession in Sri Lanka should have been included in the terrorist list maintained by all of the European Union, where it was indicated that action would be taken to investigate the activities of the LTTE before Denmark further insisted on the ban.

In the midst of this present dialogue, S.P.Thamilselvam one of LTTE's representatives known for his flip flopping mentality on various reated issues has somewhat feeblemindedly demanded a ban on Foreign Aid to Sri Lanka conditional to the acceptance of their ISGA indicating the puerility of the man's rationale as the LTTE continue to exist rather dangerously on their wits and innuendo which short of being somewhat dim at times never fails to amaze the more discerning about how they are afforded so much tolerance by the Sri Lankan Status Quo and manage to get away with impunity! and why a greater effort is not made by the overall authorities in their dedications to eradicate world terrorism to confront the LTTE viably? Thus far there have been no positive attempts to even discourage the directional moves of the LTTE who of late have stepped up their attrocities in blatant violations of the Peace Process and Ceasefire based on whatever pretexts they can conjur up which have also slipped into an internecine confrontation with a rival faction and gathering momentum!

The Danish Prime Minister's rationale is based on the argument of maintaining universal uniformity of the bans already imposed on the LTTE in the USA,Canada, Britain and many other Nations which collectively agree that there is no place in the world for the recognition of internationally condemned terrosists and short of being ludicrous, the present LTTE demands are so obtuse relative to all Sri Lankan matters including the Constitution that it is a great curiosity as to why the media continues to publicise it as though it was a matter of primary importance to the Peace in Sri Lanka wheras it is not at all the case ! To the contrary it probably provides a misconception to the LTTE that their demands are legitimate and that through a continued lobby they could achieve at least partially their impure goals and a matter for Sri Lanka and all her allies dedicated towards the elimination of world terrorism to deal with where Peace should never be accomplished through compromising with unrelenting terrorists which the LTTE by definition and image are!

In the simplest of terms The Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh has demanded a valid reason for the LTTE, Sri Lanka's outlawed terrorist group which is banned internationally, not being banned in some European Union Countries? At present the USA, England, Australia and Canada who joined forces with Denmark in the war against terror have the Tamil Tigers in their lists of banned terrorists organizations?Those who have failed to ban them posing a double standard as the countries turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the credo demanding the elimination and eradication of world terrorism!!

Footnote:The Danish People Party (Danske Folkeparti), The Christian Democratic Party, The Conservative Party, The Socialist People's Party and The Social Democratic Party are some of the groups within Denmark who have demanded an immediate investigation towards justifying placing Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers on the EU terrorist list.Justifications which would not prove hard to come by!
Perhaps an inspiration for the LTTE supportive Norway to also take note in joining with their Scandinavian counterparts towards further isolating the LTTE from their mendacity rather than providing platforms towards continuing their evil means which really is a bane towards any peace within Sri Lanka.

Bravo Denmark!



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