By S. Makenthiran Mississauga Ontario Canada

Your editorial rantings are amusing and pathetic to read. They are mostly devoted to lengthy, hysterical and vulgar tirade against Tamil leadership. You are obviously a Sinhala Budhist extremist fanatic of the Al Queda type trying to force a Taliban type of regime on the Tamil people. That you will not succeed, thanks to the emergence of Tamil militancy spearheaded by the LTTE, which arose due to Sinhalese chauvinists like yourself. The series of massacres carried out by the Sinhalese criminals and armed forces on the unarmed Tamils, from the time Sinhalese were granted independence, forced the Tamil youth to take up arms to defend their lives, homes and honour.

You are howling that 75 % Sinhala race is threatened by 12 % Eelam Tamils. You are gloating that the Sinhala race is going to be saved by the Renegade Karuna from annihilation, and bleating his call to eliminate Norway from the peace process. You are living in a fool's paradise. Wake up to realities. Karuna, in hiding with his cell phone, cannot save you or the Tamil nation. The very fact that rabid racists like you and JHU are praising the renegade Karuna will sound his death knell. No self respecting Tamil will give him any quarters. Your love for Karuna is an unholy alliance. Your divide and rule policy can be seen through by any Tamil. You cannot fool anybody. The all Sinhala army and police should vacate Tamil home land. The sooner you realize this the better.

You, Karuna, JVP, JHU, Sinhala Urumaya, and Sinhala warmongers want to oust the Norwegians from the peace process to start massacring the Tamils again. You want to drive out the Norwegians because the international community is watching what is going on. You want to commit your crimes without the knowledge of the world community. The Tamils are ready to defend themselves against the Sinhalese predators by strengthening the LTTE and the TNA. Tamils should police their own land, not Sinhlaese

You sowed the wind and now you are reaping the world wind. The Tamils led by the LTTE and the TNA have established their own police, army, navy, judiciary, administration and taxation to protect themselves from the Sinhalese terrorists and Sinhala state terror. Sinhala violence over the years has resulted in 30 % of Tamils fleeing from the 'replendant' island. Tamils were 26 % of the population at the time the Britishers left. Now only 18 % are left - 12.5 % in the Northeast (Eelam) and 5.5 % in the Upcountry. You Sinhalese created the Tamil refugee problem and the Tamil Diaspora. Now you are shedding crocodile tears for them.

Rauf Hakim, the Muslim leader has complained that Karuna's men are camped in army controlled areas and causing violence. You should advice the Sinhalese army and government to stop giving support to these criminals. Do not blame the Eelam police and law enforcing authorities, if they takes action to curb the Sinhalese sponsored criminals.

The Tamils, whom you describe as innocent and peace loving people, had to take up arms to defend themselves from Sinhala violence. You are soaked with Tamil blood, and you cannot preach to the Tamils and the world community about acceptable norms.



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