By Charles Perera

I read Mr. Wimal Weerawanse’s speech at the Inaugural Meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Peace and Reconstruction , and I also read a criticism of that speech by Mr.Jayasinghe, in the Lanka Web. Different periods and different circumstances produce different leaders, different political analysts and different speakers. It is,therefore, no reason to compare Mr.Weerawanse’s speech to that of NM’s or Colvin R de Silvas ’s.

Mr. Weerawanse had in his speech merely emphasised that whatever decision is taken with regard to the settlement of the present national problem of peace negotiation with a terrorist group, it should in no way divide the country, and it should in no way, divide our nation to three ethnic groups but instead it should unite the different communities into a one whole nation. He states that, different ethnic groups that go to make a Nation, beautifies that Nation gives it added colour , value and strength. But if that very same qualities become a reason for that Nations break up and dissipation, it is regrettable and every one of whatever ethnicity, of whatever religious belief or clan affiliation should rally round to stop this calamity.

May be this is what different political and religious leaders or intellectuals keep repeating, but I see no reason why this should not be kept repeating, as long as we see that an appropriate solution has not been found to stop the unthinkable from happening. No one except the JVP seems to be holding on to the principle of discussions, to find a solution, but not at any cost , and not at all by handing over on a “platter” a part of our country that belongs to the Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Malay and Burghers to fulfil the desire of a “mad terrorist Tamil man, of no proper education, religious belief and bereft of all human qualities.”

How NM or Colvin or Keunaman would have reacted to the situation is not important. Divide and rule had been the most vicious method of colonial rule adopted by the British. It is appropriate to raise the issue now, as what we see in the interference in our affairs by the Norwegians, the Japanese and the rest of the foreign do-gooders. Do they really want a solution to retain our country as a whole without dividing it? No! that is not their concern, they would be the happier if the country is divided, so that ultimately they will be the beneficiaries of our loss ? It would be in their interest to deal with a part of this country in the hand s of a group of terrorists, so that they will be able to share the valuable land and seas without restrictions by a sovereign state with an “interfering” Government.

It is regrettable that Mr.Jayasinghe, “As a person who once heralded the JVP as a political force of the future,(who stands very disappointed)”, says “ The former prime minister and the current president have both outlined their own visions with regard to this key problem. Whatever holes there may be in the latter proposals, the fact is that they were expressed very positively and surely.” Mr.Jayasinghe seems to accept things even if there are “holes” if a thing is expressed “very positively and surely”

Mr.Jayasinghe speaks of lack of visions and “path” and proposes nothing new except speaking about macro economic growth . He seems to think that old methods when he was still a public servant in Polonnaruwa would work today . Things have changed and we are in a global economy, and given time JVP and the UPFA may be able to go much further than the former governments.

Already much is being done without making a big noise, such things as tank reconstruction, impetus to small industries, emphasis on a more appropriate efficient government service with the employment of graduates, methods of distribution of essential food items to the people at reasonable prices.

Mr.Jayasinghe should not be impatient, growth is slow but given time we may still harvest the benefits for the common good of all our people from North to South and West to East.



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