Despite Wickremasinghe Rhetoric, Indications Appear To Favour The UPFA On April 2nd !

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For a man of his presumed intellect which has been long suspected of being devoid of definition relative to a higher cognizance where perception towards the needs of the Nation appears fractured through being overly conciliatory to the LTTE, it seems puerile and unbecoming of Ranil Wickremasinghe to express sentiments that suggest the automatic invalidation of Presidential Power if the UNF were voted into power on April 2 which is appearing to be more and more unlikely beyond being a long shot lending credibilities towards the frustrations and desperation the UNF appear to be in if offset against the tone of voice of Ranil Wickremasinghe and a quandry precipitated by neglect and apathy when the UNF and Wickremasinghe had ample opportunities to fortify and assert the Nation's confidences in them which they have chosen to squander.

True enough there is a paradox which may be infered that a return to power of the UNF even in some small measure which most opinion polls contradict presently, would be an expression of confidence based on a very large 'IF' and cause enough for the entity which runs second to have all aspirations towards objectives envisioned as intended policies and objectives rescinded if the UNF secured a victory which is probably what the caretaker Prime Minister is trying to emphasize but unfortunately for him there still are Constitutional Statutes which grant ultimate authority to the Executive Presidency which an illustrious but near sighted departed uncle of his once envisioned and something he will have to live with, like it or not unless he has a two third majority in parliament to change it which is more of a pipe dream at this stage.

Thereby the sentiments of Mr Wickremasinghe seem attributable to being rantings of speculative desperation and insecurity and as long as the UNF continues to turn away from acknowledging responsibility towards their sins of ommission, neglect and the huge disparity it created between the haves and the have nots together with the dangerous direction in which the Nation was led towards compromising its Sovereignity, Security and Territorial Integrity to the enemy LTTE which probably is the lagest criterion upon which defeat seems to stare the UNF and Wickremasinghe in the face at present despite the stalemated Peace Process and the somewhat circumspect peace which has now lasted over 2 years but apparently headed nowhere unless ratified as unshakable which is not the case as the LTTE are still an unrelenting unpredictable terrorist organization believing in a foolish bargaining capacity based on their now depleted military might and with hardly a mandate from all of the Tamil Community!

Some analysts have predicted a hung Parliament as an aftermath of the April 2nd Elections but others have based their conclusions on evidence relative to the mood of the Nation and its masses caught up in a snarl of asphxiating living cost, lawlessness, violations of human rights, corruption and misapropriation of State funds and property, religious controversy and a general turbulence within the Nation attributed towards the obtuse policies of the previous Administration and some of its cabinet members who have systematically converted the minds of the same voter who once gave them their mandate now in an opposite direction and as history has proved in Sri Lanka the mood of the voter can change swiftly and effectively, something the Wickremasinghe band wagon may have to face upto as reality and in their disfavour and much to their chagrin!!

In quoting the caretaker Prime Minister where he has said that "A situation involving the return to power of the UNF would mean that the people had rejected the President's policies twice as the powers of the constitution of Sri Lanka are derived from the sovereignty of the people. Once the people give us a mandate all of us including the President will have to fall in line with the people's verdict. She will just stay in office, that's all," end quote.Such a mandate together with its affiliated sentiment highly speculative as it sounds and seems unlikely and inconsistent with past patterns relative to the mood of the Nation where the Prime Minister probably speculates much on the positive fallout of the TNA and other impervious fly by night mushroom groups whose sole intention is to ursurp the successes of the UPFA and disrupt the proceedings while breaking votes to UNF advantage which again seems wishful thinking contrary to indicated projections.There appears to be unassailable strengths in the UPFA holdings Nationally in all areas contested which are more than likely to be resounding wins as opposed to the insurmountable losses facing the Wickremasinghe camp and its allies if the opinions polls hold true!

Perhaps also a bit late in the day to comment on the stalled peace talks and the 'new government's' approach in dealing with the divided Tigers, Mr. Wickremesinghe has said that the first task of the 'new government' would be to resume talks while the LTTE would have to resolve their internal differences.Somehow there seems to be a familiar ring to this first task of the 'New Government' which has taken a long time coming - Ad Infinitum perhaps and ironically for Mr Wickremasinghe his next opportunity if ever! may take a long time considering what appears to be in store for his UNF on April 2nd 2004 if tendencies and statistics prove correct!



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