No Tsunami Warning But This Is A Warning Against Any Element Of Surprise By The LTTE !

World Council Of Sinhala Peers

The President of SLUNA Sri Lanka United National Association Toronto Canada Mr. Mahinda Gunasekera a dedicated patriotic Sri Lanka domiciled in Canada has released this latest bulletin as an eye opener to the World as well as the Sri Lankan people that the LTTE continue to be an impure and insincere lot of none other than proscribed terrorists who are quick to take advantage of a situation and attempt to turn it to favour their objectives which have little to do with the humanitarian effort of a country in suffering.

The information in this bulletin is a result of careful research and painstaking fact finding which must be heeded very carefully as the unpredictabilities of the LTTE known for their opportunistic theatrics could easily match the same element of surprise of the Tsunami which has devastated Sri Lanka and the following is a warning for all concerned in authority and decision making within the Sri lankan Administration to take careful note of so as not to ne fooled or misled by the theatrics that the LTTE continue to indulge in.

Notwithstanding the reality that their war machine and military capabilities have been decimated by the after effects of the Tsunami according to the latest intelligence reports they have been quoted as having pledged every effort to rebuild their military resources and they must never be permitted to accomplish this within Sovereign Sri Lanka and to the contrary need to be rendered non functional given their mendacious track record and the guile and cunning of their leader public enemy No1 Velupillai Pirapaharan (Prabhakaran) now pontificating with his goodwill utterances to a nation he and his cohorts once tried to destroy!

Sri LankaUnited National Association(SLUNA)
Toronto Canada

MEDIA RELEASE December 29, 2004


The world has been deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden fury of the Tsunami Tidal Waves that caused immense destruction of homes and property, and also took the lives of over 68,000 persons in the South East Asia region over a coastline stretching across 8,000 kilometers. Sri Lanka is one of the hardest hit regions with a death toll of 22,000 and several thousand still reported as missing. The survivors whose homes were lost are said to number over a million people, who are temporarily housed in temples and churches in make shift shelters till help arrives.

We have been overawed by the magnitude of the disaster, and remain fearful of the possible health hazards and the enormous task of re-building and rehabilitating the affected areas. At the same time, we have been touched by the goodwill and initial support extended by Canadians and the rest of the global community.

In the midst of the mixed emotions of sorrow and comfort from the swell of compassion, we find the front organizations of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Canada using this tragedy to make unwarranted accusations of deliberate neglect of regions in the north and east of Sri Lanka that are mainly inhabited by Tamils who were also affected by the Tsunami disaster. Urgent requirements of food, water, tents, etc. have been promptly shipped by the Government to the five northern districts of Jaffna, Mullativu, Kilinochchi, Mannar and Vavunia, with offers of further help to these areas. The UNHCR, UNICEF and ICRC have been coopted to assist the government in the relief efforts. Sadly, the LTTE does not permit Sri Lankan Government officials, NGO Aid Agencies, or Media personnel to enter and freely travel in the uncleared areas of the Vanni presently controlled by them, but they have the audacity to make exaggerated claims of death and destruction through their mouth pieces in Canada and other western cities, to create an impression of harsh discrimination against the Tamil people.

Unfortunately, the CBC and other Television Stations and some Canadian Print Media have given time and space to these outlandish utterances, and at the same time refused to grant any time whatsoever to other parties who seek to correct the deliberate distortion and false picture being painted by the pro-LTTE propaganda agents. They have asked Canadians to contribute relief funds to the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), another front organization of the LTTE with an extremely poor record, which is in reality a conduit that channels funds to its war chest whilst doing the minimal amount of humanitarian work for which the funds are supposedly collected. They have also named a new organization called the Canadian Tamil Congress which sprang up immediately after the LTTE was designated as an international terrorist group by the UN Security Council in September 2001, possibly to handle the work previously undertaken by the known fronts such as WTM and Fact which assumed a low profile following the LTTE's listing.

We would like to instead ask the Canadian public who are desirous of helping the victims of the Tsunami disaster to contribute to better known and better established charities such as UNICEF, Care Canada, Red Cross, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, etc., to ensure that your monies will reach the proper victims in the entire South East region, or make sure that the ethnic organization you choose is one that has a clean record and well respected within the community.

Whilst we sympathise with members of the Tamil community who hail from our common motherland of Sri Lanka, who have also suffered the loss of family and friends as a result of the unexpected natural disaster that struck 700 kilometers of Sri Lanka's 1000 kilometer coastline, we call on them to desist from useless propaganda, to sink all differences in this crisis that we face and use our energies to ease the suffering and difficulties confronted by the affected population as a whole.

Yours very truly,

Mahinda Gunasekera
Honourary President



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