When you speak of Venerable Arahat Angulimala, you do not say he was a wayside murderer. Do you ?

Charles Perera

Angulimala was a feared bandit. He killed just to have a finger to make a garland of fingers for his teacher at Taksila. The Lord Buddha saved him,and pardoned his misdeeds. He became an Arahant. Venerable Angulimala is venerated by the Buddhists. There is a stanza that goes by his name which recited at a propitious time makes giving child birth easier for women. When speakingf about him we do not hark back to his past, and say he was a bandit, a murderer. His past was forgotten, and we venerate, what became of him-an Arahat.

The JVP had a past as lot of other Socialist, and non Socialist moments in the World. JVP has learnt from their past and they are more democratic than more pseudo democratic parties. The JVP today, speaks for the people. It is immaterial how the media –the press,derides the JVP. The people have placed their trust in them and more and more people will back them in their fight against terrorism, government mismanagement, fraud and malpractices, foreign interventionists and those non-governmental organizations undermining our unity and cultural distinction.

The past of the JVP has to be forgotten once they have admitted their errors, and judge them on what they stand for now. They are in every respect responsible, democratic and progressive enough to form a Government, if the people will rally round them. Today the people have none to look to, to save Sri Lanka from being divided and a part of it handed over to a terrorist lot on a platter. The people of Sri Lanka should be grateful to those that voted JVP at the last election, for without them, the terrorists would have been treated in par with the Government of Sri Lanka and they would have had their ISGA.

Therefore, for goodness sake try to understand who stands for an undivided Sri Lanka, who can hold their heads above the foreign conciliators, do-gooders, mediators and benefactors. And above all, JVP consists of young and un-spoilt politicians determined to see progress. They are a different set of politicians from those Sri Lanka had been unfortunate to have for the last few years. May the blessings of the triple gem be with them.

I am not a member of the JVP. I have no connection or contact whatsoever, with them. Nor have I had the privilege to meet any of them. One can judge them on their performance, and on the sincerity of what they say.



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