State media and pro-UNP and terrorist rag sheets and TVs covering former U.S.President Bill Clinton’s recent visit to Sri Lanka gave wide publicity to his comments that were favourable to the illusive Joint Mechanism. The mere parroting of a view by Clinton or even by the incumbent U.S.President on a matter as represented to them by an obstinate person or persons could not be considered as something that it should be accepted universally. There may be many more visitors of international repute and they too would mimic the same opinion under the given circumstances and we Sri Lankans need not blindly accept their utterances as a divine verdict. Only a view expressed after a fair analysis of a subject with circumstantial evidence warrant consideration and in the case of Clinton’s visit his fair comments expressed after observing the ground situation in the East, unfortunately, were distorted and suppressed by the pro-JM media.

The U.N. special envoy Mr. Clinton (it is under this capacity he visited our country and not as the former U.S.President), was briefed by the President immediately upon his arrival and the subject matter involved in the briefing obviously was her persistent objective of establishing the illusive Joint Mechanism. Subsequently he visited Kalmunai, a worst affected area in the East, and had the privilege of meeting the Tsunami victims in the area and acquiring first hand knowledge and opinion from the people concerned. After these meetings, being able to understand the ground situation in depth, he has expressed the view that in the proposed Joint Mechanism all the communities should be given “dignified equal voice” to express their views and the distribution of relief should be equitable and without any obstruction. Also he has castigated the terrorists for their forcible conscription of victimized children as a “horrible” act. These comments, unfortunately, were hushed up and down played by the pro-JM media gang.

The controversy about the contents of the illusory Joint Mechanism agreement continues to baffle and bewilder the masses. Head of Sri Lanka’s peace secretariat, Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala addressing an open Forum organized by a pro-JM NGO, outlining the events that led to the discussions and the basics of the proposed machination, has said that "This is an opportunity for us, therefore, to induct the LTTE into the administrative process of the country and, as importantly, to deliver assistance to the poor people of the north and east”. This shows that inducting the terrorists into an administrative structure and conferring them some form of legitimacy against the duly constituted Sri Lankan government is the prime objective of this illusory Joint Mechanism promoted by the white tiger Norwegians with hidden motives.

Despite Thamilselvan’s categorical rebuttal of agreeing to recognize the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, and despite the growing opposition from the masses for the illusory Joint Mechanism, the President continues to reiterate her determination to trek on this obnoxious course. In her latest discourse she has commented that the so-called mechanism would help to recommence the stalled peace process. It is foolhardy to venture conferring legitimacy to a fascist gang expecting that they would become complacent and join the so-called peace talks.

The Vanni Terrorists abandoned the peace talks almost two years ago since they were not prepared to agree to the preconditions on transparency stipulated by the Tokyo Conference. Transparency and decent behaviour are dosages anathema to the Vanni terrorists. Their misbehaviour and violation of agreed norms by over two thousand times after the despicable MOU was signed with the former Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe need no elaboration. Immediately after the Tsunami devastation, food aid and relief material carried to the devastated Eastern regions by voluntary organizations, including organizations friendly to them, were waylaid and robbed by these terrorists. Recent reports confirm that relief material including tin sheets donated by the government for Tsunami victims have been used by the terrorists to strengthen the Nagar Kovil Defence Lines and erect bunkers in Jaffna.

Executive Director of the terrorist frontline organization Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), (which is banned in several countries including Australia rightly recognizing its terrorist nature) with the connivance of the white tigers in the UN Office in Colombo have met the UN special envoy Mr. Bill Clinton to explain about their activities and complain that they are being discriminated by the custom officials in clearing their relief materials, and obstructions being placed at army check-points in the transportation of their material. Also this sheep-skinned tiger has complained that High Security Zones have become the biggest obstacle for them in safe relocation of displaced Tsunami victims. Explaining Clinton at least on his next visit about the TRO terrorists’ attempt to smuggle in helicopters, light aircrafts in parts, and war materials hidden in Tsunami aid containers, and their misrepresentation of facts needs to be done.

The government remains incapable of punishing and apprehending the terrorist criminals who blatantly violate the so-called Ranil Wickremasinghe MOU. The toothless body called the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, constituted under this futile MOU, claims that they can only record complaints and cannot take any punitive or preventive measures. Under these circumstances the terrorists continue with their atrocities unhindered even in government held areas. Brutal murder of the former Chairman of the Trincomalee Urban Council Mr. Sooryamoorthi is the latest addition to the list of Tamil politicians being annihilated for the crime of non-cooperting with the Vanni terrorists.

The President has a duty and obligation to listen to the views of the masses, the Tsunami victims, and the religious dignitaries instead of remaining obstinate in her views and listening only to alien forces, anti-national peacenicks, and the “purple-gang” and “green-berets” in the SLFP. The “purple-gang” and the “green-berets” in the SLFP serve only to strengthen the UNP politically. It is a welcome sign to find a convergence of patriotic parliamentarians in the SLFP against the “purple-gang” and the “green-berets”. The JVP in upholding the peoples’ aspirations should relentlessly continue with their agitation campaign against the illusory Joint Mechanism and solicit the cooperation of the patriotic SLFP parliamentarians for further strengthening this national struggle.



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