Did You Notice or Shall We Get An Education?Upali Seneviratne Nebraska, USA –
Reviewed by Walter Rajaratne in Sydney

It was a vivid picture that Mr Upali Seneviratne has presented on the recent arrival of US Marines in Sri Lankan shores and the part of their brief performance in the devastated costal belt, at the hour of grief. The statement “Being suspicious by nature, we Sri Lankans started criticizing various foreign aid groups” however, needs some soul searching. Nonetheless, They came They did and They went.

In 1505 too, They came. Enjoyed the hospitality. Then They did. And They went sans teaching us to address our aristocrats by their first names. Do we have to repeat the History on that episode, Mr. Upali? Are we not dearly paying even today for that?

They came from the famine hit Europe to the land of Red Indians. Obliterated the whole continent of its aboriginal people with an entire civilisation. What they did to the sons of the soil, Indians, was the model that Adolph Hitler researched, developed and implemented to the letter in his Holocaust to erase the Semitics.

That’s not all. Australia, New Zealand and the entire African continent are added episodes to that saga of carnage of civilisations. These aborigines, in deed, are not worth a herd of cattle in a ranch so they deserved to be eradicated.

Then they, European Intruders – pseudonym Americans - formed their elite forces of GIs, Marines, SWATS et al, and began the plunder of great civilisations across, Latin America, Asia and Middle East.

The Promised Land –US- that you have discovered and made a Sri Lankan Success Story that you have illustrated by going into great length is, of course, we are proud of as fellow Sri Lankans. Good on you! However, what we are feeling ashamed of is, the whitewash that you are applying to launder the fraudulent American treachery.

Indo China, Philippine, Korea, need no elaborate scriptures to spell out the cruelty against humanity and the nations reduced to abject poverty through awfully attractive democratisation against Marxist Dictators.

Saddam Hussain, Itollha Kumeni, are undoubtedly despotic cannibals. Elimination of these tyrants is commendable. What’s not commendable are the reasons given and the times chosen? Din Diem, Pinochet, Ian Smith, Botha, Shah of Iran, Idi Amin, and the whole host of Arabian despots were at one time or another close allies of US. Wasn’t Osama a chosen one of the American elite till they fell out?

Sinhalese, if the history is correct are no better civilization from their ancestry. Our man Vijaya was an exiled convict of criminal origin. By annihilating the aborigines of then Thambapanni, Lanka, that he built his kingdom. Perhaps, gone with that was a developed culture. Majority of the Sinhala rulers, down the 100 generations in number were no exception to the present day politicians. Undoubtedly, it was a meagre living that the people led from time immemorial, under monarchical and feudalistic reign. Yet they would have been happy since they never heard the Socrates’s theory of democracy that was full of social justice, up until late.

If it was the autocratic Czar’s royal family that gave vent to seventy years plunder of east European nations including Russia under Marxism, then the Sri Lankan Polpot, Rohana Wijeweera was offered the opportunity on a platter by none other than these Neo American rulers, who appeared in different guises. Suffering of the poor people under both the systems were monumental. Thanks to IMF/World Bank spearheaded monetary organisations, Globalisation, unethical practices of trade imbalancing, US can brag about her superiority. This is a subject that has been discussed umpteen number of times and proved beyond any doubt, the gruesome plunder through rosy pictures.

Honesty and integrity of American MNCs need no further clarification to the reader when the Enron, Microsoft, Bechtel led loot of the unsuspecting customer to the tune of billions, a memory just need little refreshing. US have one of the worst cases of deceit in trade across the globe. The ghetto life that’s rampant in US is what our friend has delicately slipped? Look at the position US is sitting in the list of corruption according to Transparency International, if further proof needed.

Undeniably, JVP and its pioneers have a legacy of an extremely loathsome past. We would like to hear a single political party better in that respect. Yardsticks and Benchmarks got to be precise if the proposed Eduction to be fruitful, Mr.Seneviratne.



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