Prof. Hudson McLean

One of the most popular globally enjoyed Birthday Party Game is playing Musical Chairs. It is even more popular amongst politicians, specially in Sri Lanka. Moving over the divide and crossing the boundaries to the winning side is a favourite political pastime.

Right now, destabilising the current government, during a National Emergency and a Human Crisis, amounts to a serious crime against the society and the population of Sri Lanka.

JVP, commonly addressed as Marxist, should be renamed as Patriotic National Party. The guardian of Sri Lankan Sovereignity. Tough demands of JVP but necessary. As the overall monitor of SLG, JVP should now concentrate on maintaining the transparency of the distribution of funds belonging to the Tsunami victims.

Already, according to reliable sources, the corrupt politicians, the NGOs and the influence peddlars are enriching themselves, with total disregard for the poor suffering victims of Tsunami. Check their Bank Accounts and sudden demonstrations of wealth, and bring them under scrutiny leading to legal remedies.

Logically, the SLG should give preferance, adequate prominance to the Voices of a Democratically elected MPs of the JVP and let Erik Solheim take care of his pet Tigers in LTTE, an illegal, terrorist, murderous bunch of squatters.

Should JVP walks out of the government, (God forbid), CBK will face two problems, a lame duck instable government, and face a vast political challenge from JVP. It is also likely that AnuraB might play Musical Chairs once again.

CBK's loss of dignity and credibility is bearable. But the unbearable burden of survival will fall on the victims of Tsunami!

The bottom line is, "Stop Playing Games, when Sri Lanka is already Burnt!"

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