SL Military Intelligence - Time you hit back the LTTE, and hit the vermin the hardest!


It is with great sadness that we patriots read about Major Nizam, Mudalif, 1st Military Intelligence Commanding Officer of the SL Army being gunned down by a LTTE pistol squad today. Major Nizam was a true patriotic son of mother Lanka and all Sri Lankans must ever be mindful of the ultimate sacrifice he made - sacrificed his life to safeguard the territorial integrity of our motherland.

Strangely juxtaposed with this sad news, here are some of the totally lunatic (and amusing) news headings relating to SL politicians that I noticed in various news headlines today:

"President Chandrika Kumaratunga says a solid foundation has been laid for permanent peace by getting the LTTE to work with the Sri Lankan government through the proposed Joint Mechanism." WOW!!!

Only sane deduction one should come to about this news item: The once good Madam has gone off her rocker! She is now acting no different to Ranil W. - the mischievous imbecile mother Lanka could not abort!

"The main opposition UNP today charged that UPFA government has failed to safeguard the military officers and warned that security in the country is under threat. He also said that the only solution for these problems is to hold the presidential elections before the end of this year." WOW!!!

NOTE: At least 35 army intelligence operatives were killed by the LTTE during the UNP regime from 2003 to 2004. Prof Peiris who was government spokesman at that time said only that "the killings have to be dealt with according to the normal law of the land and are not ceasefire violations." WOW!!!

Only sane deduction one should come to about this news item: This "educated fool" is either on cheap hooch or has sniffed street-grade dope! This dolt simply fails to realize that it is for his and his imbecile master's mistakes that a gallant SL army officer such as Major Nizam is paying the ultimate price today. He conveniently hides the fact that during his government over 35 Army intelligence officers were killed by LTTE hit squads while he and his master played the "peace" fiddle. The extent of this fool's mental degeneration is evident when one considers that the "ceasefire agreement" that Ranil signed with VP (LTTE terrorist leader) explicitly stated that killing of opponents is prohibited!

Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh says he will discuss LTTE antics with President Chandrika Kumaratunga when she visits New Delhi on Thursday. Bravo!!!

Only sane deduction one should come to about this news item: Indians leaders are more patriotic about Sri Lanka than our own leader-puppets!

Given all the insanity that prevails in the SL Government and the equally idiotic UNP opposition, I strongly advise SL army to look after its own interests. SL army needs to mobilize its special forces' counter urban-guerilla squads to hunt down these pistol gangs and summarily destroy them. As US President George W. Bush said "we'll smoke them out and then we'll destroy them" it should be!



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