It is not the President, but it is the JVP leadership that is in danger.

Charles Perera

If I come across an article by Nalin de Silva, I will not miss to read it. I like his style of writing and faultless flow of ideas and arguments that fall in place like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. The last I read was the, “JVP in danger”, and it is very candid and a good analysis of the situation.

The Sri Lankans who wanted a progressive government, conscious of the necessity to protect our Island home as a unitary whole, have been disappointed by the President Chandrika Kumaratunga being adamant in coming to an accord with the dreaded and despised terrorist lot for a joint operation of reconstruction work in the North and the East.

It was a good idea of the President, when she was first elected, to have stated, that the problem that created a group of disappointed Tamil youth to form the LTTE, should be decided not by war but through dialogue. Thereafter, through continuous filibustering the problem was not solved, but it was allowed to take a dangerous ampler. Thereafter, the UNF government made the problem still more complex and the terrorist group was allowed to outgrow its military capacity and to-day they are a challenge to the Government.

The idea of the dialogue, was to remove the bone of contention, that gave birth to the terrorist group, through discussions and get the terrorists to give up arms and let democracy function normally. The government had to choose a go between, and unfortunately Chandrika Kumaratunga had fallen on Solheim who was acceptable to LTTE.

Who is Solheim ? It has been said, that he came to prominence organising and leading pro LTTE manifestations in Norway. His background is little known, how he came to be the mediator, who introduced him to Chandrika Kumaratunga, and how he became an acceptable mediator to the LTTE are not know.

LTTE theoretician Anton Balasingham says this about him, “One important reason for the Tigers continuing to participate and cooperate in the peace process was the trust and confidence we had in Mr. Solheim. He has met our leader Mr. Velupillai Prabakharan, Political Wing chief SP Thamilchelvan and other senior leaders in the Wanni. I have met him several times in Europe. We have faith in him.” He had added..”They cannot simply find a substitute for Mr. Solheim without consulting us. Both sides accepted him as the facilitator. They have to provide a satisfactory explanation for this. Unless this is done we will not accept or tolerate Mr. Solheim’s removal”

Another article says this about him, “Mr. Eric Solheim, chairman of the Socialist Party of Norway, visited and held talks this morning with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect, at her place of residence in Oslo. The party's secretary for foreign relations was also present.”

Eric Solheim may be to a great extent responsible for what LTTE is today. The USA, who has problems with the Al-Keida group and sworn tofight terrorism in the world beginning with Sadam Hussein in Iraq, and Talibans in Afghanistan, fell head overheels, when they were informed of the Sri Lanka government trying to solve the terrorist problem not by war, but by a dialogue.

When you say , settling the problem with the terrorist, it should mean that after the exercise of a dialogue and solving the problem, the terrorism should have no reason to exist. But what happened in Sri Lanka was the opposite. The cease fire and call to a dialogue only strengthened the terrorists, they did not show any sign of giving up arms but instead bought heavier and more sophisticated arms, with communications devices present by the Government of Norway as a present, into the bargain. And the worst of it there was no real dialogue with the LTTE.

The International Community, lead by USA, Japan, and Norway, does not seem to have grasped this. Therefore, they have not asked the LTTE to give up arms in a meaningful way, and the Solheim sponsored Nordic SLMM is reduced to a mere office to take down complaints, without any power or willingness on their part to investigate into the complaints.

This ridiculous situation should not be allowed to continue. It is not by signing the MoU for a JM that the problem will end. If Chandrika Kumaratunga were to sign the MoU to enter into an agreement for a JM with the LTTE, people will have no more confidence in her ability to solve the problem and save Sri Lanka from being cannibalised according to the whim and fancy of a group of blood thirsty Terrorists.

Therefore the only hope, the people of Sri Lanka has , to save their country from this peril is JVP and the JHU. The people who are in danger are the leaders of these parties and not Chandrika Kumaratunga who goes wailing that her life is in danger.



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