Ranil Wickremasinghe's Norway Trip Offset Against Objectives And World Response !

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Allegations against Ranil Wickremasinghe's motives for his recent trip to Norway have generated warning signals about possible skullduggery which was for the most part anticipated yet diplomatic restraints were probably in order towards his freedom of movement which was also on the minds of the more discerning who have always maintained an agenda between Wickremasinghe, Norway and the LTTE where perhaps the Sri Lankan Administration should be wary in the future about the movements of this individual who has more than a single blemish against his name and very valid motivation towards his personal objectives in how he manouvres himself politically.

It is no mean secret the Ranil Wickremasinghe, once having tasted the power of being Prime Minister regardless of some of his scrupules has pursued the crown of Presidency which he sometimes openly acknowledges to his confidantes which has on occassion leaked out to the public and is thought by many to have also weighed the merits of utilising the LTTE towards this cause and that there might indeed exist a hidden agenda between himself and the LTTE towards an impure power sharing should his operational tactics succeed where the greater indemnity lies perhaps in the mans reluctance to survey his actions as an eventual betrayal of his Motherland to her enemies! Remarkably Sri Lanka seems to waive off the liabilities of Wickremasinghe's actions as inconsequential towards the Nation's well being where perhaps after his trip to Norway and the negative fallout resulting from it, there needs to be greater importance paid to his movements, words and actions!

It is also alleged that Mr.Wickremasinghe's confidante, at times mouthpiece and sidekick Millinda Moragoda was sent ahead to Norway as advance emissary to arrange for the scenario which would attempt at least a partial blockade of foreign aid to Sri Lanka with the sole objective of role playing on behalf of the LTTE who is also palavered to by Norway in no uncertain terms for obvious reasons and in order to invite world attention to their now almost discarded Interim Self Governing Authority ISGA proposal and its acceptance which Wickremasinghe is alleged to have suggested as conditional to the continuation of foreign aid to Sri Lanka's Tsunami Relief Effort!

Allegations if proven which could invite a lot of attention to Wickremasinghe's past and present activities deemed suspicious and detrimental to the well being of Sri Lanka by many discerning analysts who have also not forgotten the alleged role he has played in the Batalanda Massacres where he has gone unabated due either to a lack of evidence or a weird judgemental incapacity of the Nation's Judiciary realtive to the feudality of the UNP and the power with which it ruled during the Jayawardena / Premadasa Administrations where Mr.Wickremasighe should perhaps consider himself fortunate!

Consequently it come as no surprise that Nations such as The USA, Japan, India, China and other donor nations have strongly objected and opposed moves being made to curtail aid to Sri Lanka, on the grounds that Sri Lanka deserves aid being a disaster-hit country which has suffered huge losses in life and property. Reliable sources mostly from Diplomatic Circles have indicated that attempts were being made by Wickremasinghe and his aides to tie in the Foreign Aid as part of an agreement linked to the acceptance of the ISGA and the two to be synonymously implemented where The US, Japan, India, China and the other donors have rejected this approach.

The plan by Wickremesinghe as quoted by the sources of information is to stop aid until the Government settles on the ISGA proposals and a somewhat bold and sinister one where he probably places his political future and freedom at risk as it involves a Sovereign Democratic Nation and its well being which could easily be jeapordised and the recovery effort from the Tsunami devastations put at risk due to his thirst for recognition and power!

In a paradoxical perspective however, to prioritise the importance of the Peace Process over the dire need for the reconstruction of devastated lives as a means towards ones misconcieved perception of what's best for Sri Lanka at this time seems not only puerile but apathetic where even the LTTE have conceded the greater importance of united nation rebuilding and peace a possibly natural consequence to follow without coercion! Admittedly idealogical but perhaps with a glimmer of hope!

All this in the face of a remarkable effort by the Government of Sri Lanka recognized by the International Community as a magnanimous and commendable drive towards Nation re-building which the UNP never accomplished even fractionally during its tenure involving past natural disasters where foreign funds sometimes were even shamefully pocketed by thieving ministers!.

Mr.Wickremasinghre really has no business in dabbling with what many see as a misconcieved attempt towards personal publicity rather than the post Tsunami recovery effort of Sri Lanka and may have much to answer to on his return to Sri Lanka together with his band of disruptive emissaries who seem to have brought some disrepute to the Sinhala Nation!.

Don Juan Dharmapala seems to have done better!



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