Sri Lanka suffered a major military setback when Lieutenant Colonel Tuan Nizam Muthalif, a great son of Sri Lanka, was brutally murdered by the Vanni terrorists three days ago. Loss of Lt. Colonel Muthalif who was responsible for many successes in the army’s campaign against the Vanni Terrorists is an irreparable damage to the Sri Lankan forces and the patriotic masses determined to save the nation from the evils, and betrayals of the Anglophile and treacherous political leaderships holding reign of the country’s two major political parties. A strong Intelligence Unit is vital for any country to counter threats from the enemy forces and expose the internal foes and traitors. Successes achieved by American CIA, British M5, Soviet KBG, Israeli Mossad, Indian RAW, Pakistani ISI and many other similar Units worldwide in upholding the prestige, supremacy and sovereignty of their respective countries are glaring illustrations. Even Sri Lanka had such a successful Unit DPDU, Deep Penetration and Destruction Unit, prior to the LTTE sponsored installation of the treacherous Ranil Wickremasinghe government.

A few weeks after the installation of the Ranil Wickremasinghe government local media, all LTTE websites and newspapers, many international wire services, South Indian TV channels and several foreign journals publicised a concocted irresponsible news report inferring that army is against the new government and was attempting to kill the government leaders and topple it. The report said that a special Police party raided a house in Athurugiriya, seized a large cache of weapons and apprehended six army operatives (Three Tamils, Two Muslims and One Sinhalese). The Interior Minister Mr. John Ameratunge, one of the despicable elements in that government claimed that the place raided by the special Police party was the hideout of a clandestine army group plotting to kill Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and topple the new government.

Army sources claimed that the group of operatives apprehended by the Police was not involved in any anti-government plot but returned to Colombo on December 27 along with their equipment and had been clandestinely operating in the LTTE held area. They were compelled to return to Colombo due to government's declaration of cessation of hostilities. Unfortunately the raid bared the existence of the DPD Unit and the personnel attached to the Unit, which had been responsible for killing several Senior LTTE cadres, including the murder of a high ranking terrorist named Colonel Shankar, who was believed to be the right-hand man of the megalamaniac terrorist leader.

Subsequent to this exposure the government signed the loathsome MOU that gave the unequivocal license for the terrorists to operate in the “government held areas” under the guise of conducting “political” activities and at the same time tied the hands of government forces from carrying out any operations against the terrorists enemy even in self-defense. Consequent to this license given by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts and sanctioned by the despicable group called the “international community” the Vanni terrorists have mercilessly carried out killing of peace-loving Tamils who were non- compliant with terrorist policies, many Sinhala and Muslim nationals and scores of army personnel and informants.

A communiqué issued by the Army on the demise of Lt. Colonel Mutalif states that, "He was an exemplary officer who served the Army in order to defend the country's unitary state and territorial integrity at the risk of his own life. He was a fearless warrior and a tower of strength to his fellow soldiers and had secured many achievements in the face of enemy threats." Lt. Colonel Mutalif was the 10th Army intelligence officer gunned down by these inhuman brutes, in addition to nearly 50 military informants eliminated likewise. They have also killed seven police officers, and 21 Army undercover agents. Their killings spread to areas all over the country and the manner with which Lt. Col. Mutalif was assassinated, at a time when he was without his guard unit warns that the terrorist enemy had penetrated to all segments of our defense apparatus and many more such killings could follow.

The Police say that they have deployed 150 personnel to apprehend the murderers and they suspect that a group of LTTE cadres arrived from Jaffna recently may be responsible for the killing. CID claims that they had questioned several eye-witnesses and two men have already been taken in for questioning. They also claim that Kalmunai police have taken into custody the motor-cycle allegedly used by the assassins. How far these investigations will be carried out, whether it would result in apprehending the Vanni Terrorists responsible for this brutal murder or whether the investigations would be hushed up by undercover agents of the terrorists within the forces and the political hierarchy is a matter to wait and see.

The Asian Human Rights Commission has condemned this brutal murder and says that Sri Lanka is rapidly heading toward a major breakdown of law and order. It says that it is better to intervene now than to let the situation slip. At the same time it is sad and irritating to find the UNP’s tongue twister G.L. Peiris, who recently claimed that he was responsible for drafting the loathsome MOU, blaming the government for failing to safeguard the military officials. It is indeed despicable to find that this spineless politician without condemning the killing of this patriotic Colonel by the Vanni terrorists, using the occasion to politicize the matter and demand that the government should sign the so-called Joint Mechanism with the Vanni Terrorists.

The persistent call of the country and masses is to liberate the nation from the atrocities of the terrorists, give due recognition to the aspirations of the masses to halt the plundering of national wealth by the reactionaries and develop the country with mass participation for the benefit of the posterity. The treacherous UNP, and the reactionary elements in the government instigated by the “purple-gang” and the “green-berets” of the SLFP are making every efforts to appease the Vanni Terrorists, confer them international legitimacy, and help them quench their craving thirst of establishing the fascist State called the Tamil Eelam. (The slogan being carried in many Terrorist websites says, “Our Thirst is Tamil Eelam”).

Establishing the so-called Joint Mechanism in the guise of fair distribution of relief assistance to Tsunami victims is the first gulp to quench this craving thirst of establishing the Terrorist Eelam. The nation cannot endure any more the atrocities of the terrorists and their proxies. The brutal murder of the Lt. Colonel Muthalif has given the forceful signal that time has dawned for the masses to rise against the terrorists and their proxies and save the nation from all attempts to establish the Terrorist Eelam, through Joint Mechanism, Interim Administration or the ISGA.



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