Hon. Madmam CBK and the SLFP Leadership, Do You Have Any Dignity? Helping the LTTE is Equivalent to Playing with a Grenade with its Pin Removed!


KABOOOM! Yes, the moment you take your thumb off the grenade's detonator-spring, you and others around you will have to be scraped off the floor and walls!

This is exactly what is bound to happen to those who cozy up to LTTE and fall into LTTE's deceptions. There are enough lessons to be had for all, and some still left over!

The SLFP leadership of the governing UPFA GOSL has now seen it fit to use SLAF helicopters to air lift LTTE's wounded terrorists to Colombo for medical treatment. The recent airlifting of LTTE's women's wing leader in Batticloa, along with another cadre of the same wing (both, who were recently wounded in an ambush allegedly by Karuna faction), to Colombo for medical treatment is an eye opener worthy of cardiac arrest!

WOW! Can we ever hope to see anything but sheer lunacy from the GOSL in its dealings with the LTTE? This is simply stupendous and mind boggling!

Let us consider (with an apt Refrain) a few basic facts/aspects that tell us that the current SLFP led GOSL appears to have taken leave of its senses:

1) LTTE women cadres are known as one of the most vicious, sadistic killer groups to ever parade this plant!

These women have slaughtered innocent Sinhalese peasants in the NE with sheer delight. Based on first hand accounts from survivors of the multiple massacres that took place in the NE, the women are known to go into a delightful, psychopathic "kill and-let's kill more" mentality when they hack, shoot, innocent unarmed Sinhalese who are often attacked in the middle of night when they are asleep. These killers are known to have plucked breast feeding infants from their mothers' bosom and by holding the infants by the legs, dash them on trees and brick walls so that the brain matter of an infant is splattered on the very mother the infants were taken from. I guess the last cry of the infant who was about to be skull-crushed was "Amma." Yes, the horrors committed by these witches are spine-tingling and just reminiscing them makes you want to puke!

Refrain: This is the same LTTE that GOSL of today sees fit to airlift to Colombo for medical treatment!

2) Just a couple of days before GOSL decided to airlift these wounded LTTE women terrorists to Colombo, LTTE's women cadre in Killali shot and killed a SLA soldier and wounded another. Both had evidently wandered into a 'no man's land' and the LTTE summarily shot them. The first wounded soldier was kept by the LTTE - without any medical attention - until he bled to death. The second soldier was shot when he went to the assistance of his colleague.

Refrain: This is the same LTTE that GOSL sees fit to airlift to Colombo for medical treatment!

3) Madam CBK, the LTTE already took you for a ride that cost you and our dear Nation dearly. The bogus ceasefire they entered into with you in 1994/95 was a ruse to just buy time for re-strengthening of their military capabilities and when they treacherously collapsed the agreement preemptively (yes, at a time of their choosing), we had a colossal loss in both men and material. In the aftermath of that mistake, you too lost sight of one of your eyes and scores around you died at that meeting - compliments of the LTTE, delivered via a suicide bomber-emissary sent to "pay gratitude" to you for giving them the required slack to re-strengthen.

Refrain: This is the same LTTE that GOSL of today sees fit to airlift to Colombo for medical treatment!

In addition to the above folly, the following truly GOOFY bit of current news merits further elaboration:

The GOSL is reported to have now appointed a "presidential commission" to investigate who is targeting the LTTE honchos in the East!

Is this not simply insane?!! Why do we require a presidential commission to tell us who is bumping off the LTTE in the East? Did we need a presidential commission to tell us who is behind the killing of nearly 400 LTTE opponents since the "ceasefire" agreement that Ranil the idiot signed with the LTTE murder-king? What are the nuances behind this circus-act? Karuna faction has claimed responsibility for virtually all the hits, but is the GOSL still having doubts? Is Madam CBK, as the Commander in Chief of SL Armed Forces, trying to say that perhaps it is not Karuna, but another "force?" The only other military force in the region is the SL Army and if she has any doubts about her own Army, then God help Sri Lanka! All these gobbledygook talk and behavior from Madam CBK and the present GOSL remind me exactly how Ranil and his kooky clan ran the show when they were in power! It seems the more things change, the same they are destined to remain!




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