Prof. Hudson McLean

No self-rule for Tigers, S.Lanka Marxists vow!

Correction!. Let us stop the "Pot" calling the "Kettle" black!
On what current grounds would you define JVP as Marxists? Are they members of the Ceylon Communist Party? Or the LSSP? Or do promote Marxist Leninst doctrines of the bygone years?

Comrades, Marxism is Dead and Gone with the demise of USSR, except in some tin pot African States. Cuba is on its last leg and China is stumbling its way out of Communism embracing capitalism with both feet.

JVP, for all its sins, (correct me if I am wrong) is a Patriotic Sri Lankan watch dog, and won its brass in a free and a fair democratic national election, just as the other Parties, currently decorating the Parliament.

With due respect to Shyamon Jayasinghe, Melbourne, I whole heartedly agree with your sentiment, Sir,.......

" The electorate hoped that the JVP would have such a progressive influence on the government. The JVP must realize that Tsunami is a ‘now or never’ opportunity for Sri Lanka and, indeed, for itself. The party can place dedication at the efforts of restoration and impress everyone by such efforts. This is not the time to fish in turbulent waters."

Most appropriate!

All patriotic political parties MUST work together, put the country before ALL personal SELFISH interests.

As the late President John F. Kennedy once said in one of his memorable speeches, "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but ask, What can you do for your Country".

There is nothing more appropriate one might add to this statement!

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