India warned Norway about Prabhakaran

By Sugeeswara Senadhira – Asian Tribune
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Date : 2005-04-03

Commented by Dukhinda Jayawardena

Today, The Asian Tribune carries an article under the above heading. In it there is a a section where Mr Erik Solheim was asked the question, why India was not kept informed of the Peace Negotiations and whether India had given it's blessings. To which Mr Solheim quoted:-
“No it is incorrect. We have kept Delhi briefed throughout. There was secrecy over the peace initiative. Only President Kumaratunga and Kadirgamar knew about that at that time. Even Sri Lankan cabinet ministers were not aware,” Solheim said.

From this statement the reader is made to understand that a major issue of a probable division of a Democratic, Sovereign State is decided by the just three individuals and a collection of terrorists. Not only the voters of Sri Lanka are not been told the entire truth, the Sri Lankan Parliamentarians, including the trusted Cabinet is been kept out.

Let us all ask this question.

What authority has the President of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka and the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka to invite a foreign government and a bunch of terrorists to negotiate the division of the country? (irrespective of the political party they belong to)

From the statement of Mr Solheim it is evident that all the governments of Sri Lanka had been doing deals behind the back of the Sri Lankans.

Let us all call for negotiations to be carried out in a transparent manner, this must be with the blessings of the Parliament, the Cabinet and most strongly, with a panel comprising of the Sinhala and Buddhist Representatives.

(1) The secret negotiations must be halted immediately.

(2) A statement must be published by the Sri Lankan government giving in detail the reasons for discussing the division of the country.

For thousands of years the citizens of Sri Lanka had fought foreign invaders and tried hard to keep the country as a single state. Why is it possible for current politicians of Sri Lanka to negotiate secretly with a group of terrorists. Today every country in the world is annihilating terrorism, not tolerating them at all. A very good lesson for Sri Lankans




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