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MEDIA RELEASE June 2, 2005


A lopsided Memorandum of Understanding drafted by Norway in conjunction with Anton Balasingham the LTTE's idealogue, and a meaningless Ceasefire Accord which has dragged on for over three years with endless violations being committed by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists, has cost the nation numerous lives of ordinary civilians and security services personnel who were considered an obstacle to the LTTE's goal of a Mono-Ethnic Tamil Separate State in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

The latest victim of Tamil Tiger Terrorism is Major Nizam Muthalif, Officer Commanding the Army's First Intelligence Unit, who was killed on the 31st of May 2005 in the capital city of Colombo. There is also the recent kidnapping of Police Inspector T. Jeyarathnam who is being held in a secret Tiger jail in the uncleared areas of the Vanni. A key unit of the nation's security establishment was blown away by the last UNF Government exposing the 32 specialist intelligence officers to become targets of the LTTE's Pistol Gang that has free rein to move within the country, whilst the uncleared areas held by the LTTE remain closed to all others. Tamil civilians including senior political figures of the calibre of Sooriyamoorthy and others unwilling to bow down to the vicious dictatorial regime of the LTTE are being gunned down on a daily basis with utter impunity, during this Norwegian brokered ceasefire period. Muslim and Sinhala residents living in regions sought by the LTTE too face a constant threat of violence, whilst some have even had to pay with their lives.

We cannot have confidence anymore in the Norwegian Peace Facilitator whose direct and indirect actions have only gone to prop up the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The Scandinavian Monitoring Mission merely keeps a tally of the LTTE's numerous violations after the fact, with absolutely no powers to deal with the offender. The international community which pays lip service to UN Resolutions dealing with the scourge of Terrorism only acts when it affects their vital interests such as the oil supply or when the threat is directed at them. In Sri Lanka's case, the international community has treated this most ruthless tamil tiger terrorist group with a great deal of respect as though they were a legitimate party, and continue to use their aid package to impose their solutions without giving any consideration to the views of the Sri Lankan people. Even Canada, an architect of the UN measures to combat terrorism is considered an ally by the LTTE, as the unprincipled Liberal Party Government does not see a need to apply the criteria of her Anti-Terrorism Laws to list this group, under the misapprehension that the LTTE which has silenced the voice of the Tamil Diaspora is capable of delivering their votes to the minority Liberals due to face an election shortly.

The time for appeasement and complaisancy is over. The President of Sri Lanka and the other leaders entrusted with safeguarding the life and liberty of the people should
act promptly to stop the shedding of blood by the LTTE. The authorities should immediately invoke the powers of the Public Security Ordinance pending imposition of special powers to fight the prevailing terrorist menace, to re-establishing check points and carrying out a search of all neighbourhoods to flush out the LTTE's Pistol Gang and other terrorist elements, to ensure the security and safety of all the law abiding citizens of the land.

Yours very truly,

Mahinda Gunasekera
Honourary President



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