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Saturday, 04 June 2005

Act Immediately to Protect Heroic Sons of Mother Sri Lanka

SPUR Demands the President Immediately Establish a Presidential Commission of Enquiry, Suspend the Ceasefire Agreement and Cancel all Facilities provided to the LTTE Terrorists

The latest assassination of Major Nizam Muthaliff , RWP, Officer Commanding the Army's First Intelligence Unit proves once again that the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) signed on February 22, 2002 by Ranil Wickremesinghe, the then Prime Minister, Velupillai Prabhakaran and the Norwegians will not take the nation anywhere near the allusive peace promised by the signatories.

In the main, we hold two parties responsible for taking the Nation down this disastrous path:

1) Ranil Wickremesinghe-G. L. Peiris combination; and

2) The treacherous Norwegians.

These two parties conspired behind the President, the parliament and the people to impose this illegal document on the nation, based on the promise that it comes with international guarantees. After carefully considering the developments since signing the CFA, we conclude that:

1. the Wickremesinghe-Peiris combination led the Nation to this plight with the able assistance of Erik Solheim, who consistently runs to London to get his briefing from Anton Balasingham.

2. the Wickremesinghe-Peiris combination, conspired with the Norwegians to arm the LTTE and give them a military advantages like the construction of the Iranamadu airstrip.

3. the Norwegians stand accused of supplying arms, training LTTE cadres and manipulating the Wickremesinghe-Peiris government to strengthen the military balance in favour of the LTTE, based on evidence provided to the world at the WAPS Oslo conference held in August 2004.

4. that Wickremesinghe’s secretary, Bradman Weerakoon, personally intervened, on the instructions of his master, to supply the LTTE with military and other sensitive telecommunication equipment duty free.

5. the Wickremesinghe-Peiris government used the suicidal CFA to lift all safe-guards put in place to check the infiltration and the operations of the LTTE assassins now roaming freely in Colombo and other areas not handed over to the LTTE by the Wickremesinghe-Peiris combination.

6. the killings of the dedicated officers like Maj. Muthaliff and other intelligence officers of the heroic forces of the LRRP began with the treacherous exposure of the Athurigiriya House by the Wickremesinghe-Peiris government to fulfill their secret agreement with the LTTE to dismantle the LRRP

7. We also accuse the present UPFA government of selling out the Nation and peace by continuing the same policies initiated and implemented by the Wickremesinghe-Peiris government.

8. the President Chandrika Kumaratunga has betrayed the national interests in the name of a peace which she can never win, as seen in the latest killing of her own forces at her doorstep.

9. the President Kumaratunga of trying to cut secret deals with the LTTE in promoting single-handedly the Joint Mechanism which is another way of empowering the LTTE terrorists.

10. the President stands condemned for not taking into confidence her own Cabinet, the Prime Minister, partners in her own government (such as the JVP) and people and revealed the hidden contents of her Joint Mechanism plan to the Nation.

11. We are highly suspicious and have no faith in the secret dealings of the President with the LTTE because it is our belief that neither the LTTE nor the Norwegians will ever agree to a mechanism which is not favourable to them. It is our belief that, knowing the bargaining tactics and the underhand maneuvers of the LTTE, through its Norwegian agent, it would never agree to sign a document that is not favourable to them. As everyone knows, they even refused to go to Tokyo and defied the international community to sign the Tokyo Declaration because it was inimical to their interests. If President Kumaratunga claims that she has overcome this obstacle then we request her to kindly reveal the total contents of the Joint Mechanism that she proposes to implement. She has a moral and political duty to tell the people before she ties the nation to another sell-out like the Wickremesinghe—Peiris CFA.


1. Considering the repeated and consistent failure of the LTTE to adhere to the CFA,

2. Noting that the LTTE has, with impunity, committed crimes against humanity and war crimes,

3. Believing that neither the international community nor the UN will act decisively against the LTTE to either put an end to their crimes or bring them to justice

4. Noting in particular that Mr. Kofi Annan has not issued condolences to the family of Maj. Nizam Muthaliff as he did when Col Kausalyan, a minor apparatchik in the killing machine of the LTTE, was shot by a rival Tamil party in the east.

5. Noting (without condoning) that the NGO-funded media pack in Colombo that cried buckets of tears over the military journalist, D. Sivaram, has not expressed the same horror and condemnation over the death of Maj. Nizam Muthaliff and

6. Believing that the people of Sri Lanka can save their democracy, their security, their peace and their future only if they take decisive action in this hour.

We appeal to the people of Sri Lanka that they should initiate immediate action to impress on the Government, the patriotic political parties such as the JVP and the JHU, and in particularly the President that they should collectively take a decision to:

1. Establish a Presidential Commission to enquire in to the assassination since 2002 of Major Muthalif and other brave officers of the LRRP

2. Suspend the one-sided CFA which has no prospects of bringing in a lasting peace until the Presidential Commission findings are known

3. stop providing facilities to the LTTE to transport their cadres by air and by road

4. stop negotiations on the Joint Mechanism until the international community and/or India intervenes to put an end to the violence of the LTTE

5. insist that the two-timing Norwegians be asked to get out of the Sri Lankan peace process

6. insist that India too should stop dealing with the Norwegians and put an end to bluffing which makes India look like a village cow led by the Norwegian manipulators, and

7. insist that India should stop pussyfooting around the issue of the threat posed by the LTTE to its own regional and internal security, and immediately sign the Defence Agreement with Sri Lanka

The President’s rhetoric is bewildering!

The Opposition’s silence is deafening!

The Premier’s lack of understanding is bewildering!; and

The JVP and JHU’s patriotic conduct is inspiring!

If the President continues to take the stand of the three Chinese monkeys, ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’, it will be time for a citizens uprising to protect Sri Lanka’s democracy

Thanking you,

Dr D Jayasuriya
Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka (SPUR)
Reg No. A 003 07777 M
PO Box 4066
Mulgrave VIC 3170

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