King Dutugamunu waged a war to preserve the unitary state of Sri Lanka, but King Elara was not a terrorist.

Charles Perera

The Cambridge Dictionary defines war as an armed fighting between two or more countries or groups. The same dictionary defines terrorism as violent action for political purposes.

In Sri Lanka there is no war, but terrorism against the government by a group of terrorists. Therefore the statement by the Constitutional Reforms and National Integration Minister DEW Gunasekera, that “ all those who advocate war as the solution for Sri Lanka's ethnic crisis should be sent to a mental asylum…” sounds a statement by a mentally deranged person.

This man adds further, that “ ….By waging war, we have gained nothing. But we have lost over 100,000 valuable lives of our people belonging to all ethnic groups. If we really follow the religions we profess, we should be able to resolve our problems through discussions,” This Minister has got every thing wrong, there was terrorism by a group of terrorists and the Government of Sri Lanka used its army to defend its territorial integrity and protect the civil population.

Why cannot he leave the religions alone, the terrorists have no respect either to the religions or to a democratic political system, they want a fascist Tamil State separated from the Government of Sri Lanka, under the Dictator Prabhakaran, who Mr. Gunasekara will never meet around a conference table….

This delirious man Gunasekara is reported to have said, “no country in the world has solved an ethnic problem by war but through discussion. Neither the Sri Lankan government nor the LTTE would be able to win this war and the result of the war will be mere destruction. What is necessary is to be ready to sacrifice something from each side, he said.”

This man should really be from another planet to make a statement like this. This is the first time that a sovereign state has entered into discussions with a group of blood stained Terrorists. Never will any sovereign state do what Sri Lanka has done. And never will the terrorists come to any settlement with the government of Sri Lanka. Gunasekara must really be dreaming. The Sri Lanka Governments had been ready to make sacrifices and have made sacrifices to no avail. But on the other hand the terrorists have gained from the sacrifices the two last Governments made, for nothing in return.

Gunasekara continues to rant that,“The LTTE, which fought demanding Eelam, today they are ready to share political power with the government. They now talk about getting united under one flag with a federal form of government .”

He is like his President Chandrika Kumaratunga, running after a mirage, the LTTE will never unite under one flag and will never accept the sovereignty of a unitary Sri Lanka. When this dreamer and his President realize that fact, it will be too late for any body to redress the monumental mistake of signing an MoU for a JM with the most untrustworthy, diabolic, sinister, blood thirst lot , who relegates Al Keida to children playing with crackers.

The foolish man continues, “Don’t be misled by pessimists. Be the messengers of peace and harmony among all ethnic groups. Build the friendship bridge between the North and the South,” How many have already died trying to build a bridge between the LTTE and the South ? How many more does he want to sacrifice ‘ in the altar of peace through a JM” ? How long will it take to sink into his thick skull, that the LTTE is not there to build any bridges of friendship ?

This is what the Tamil Net reports about the peace loving LTTE seeking to build bridges of friendship in a Federal Sri Lanka, “Normal life in the northeast province was disrupted Friday following the one-day general shut down condemning the failure by the Sri Lanka Government to withdraw troops from Trincomalee town in large numbers. More than fifteen hundred troops are deployed in the east port town following the controversy over the erection of a Buddha statue in a land located close to the central bus stand.” LTTE hates the sight of Buddha Statue let alone Ministers trying to chant Kariniya metta sutta.

Gunasekara should be thankful, that King Dutugamunu took up arms and waged a war against King Elara, to preserve this sacred island where the Lord Buddha’s Message is still alive, from being divided. That was war, and King Elara was not a terrorist.



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