Inhabitants of nations that befell with disasters, calamities and catastrophes have always shunned petit differences, forged unity and strived to restore the damages caused socially, culturally and economically.

Many nations rose from the debris and ashes of such tragedies like the mythical phoenix of Egypt. Countries in the Asian region itself provide fine illustrations of nations risen to grandeur and glory in the aftermath of such destructions. Japan rose from the ashes of atom bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki and forced the same Americans who bombed it to kneel down before it.

Our friendliest nation China (a nation without any hidden agenda for helping us) had risen from many devastations caused by natural calamities and foreign invasions. It was such an expectation Sri Lankans the world over envisioned in the aftermath of the recent Tsunami.

Although Sri Lanka did not hitherto suffer from a major and extensive natural catastrophe similar to the recent Tsunami tidal waves, it had faced devastations caused by intermittent invasions from South Indian monarchs at times of tranquil and disunity.

Immediately after such devastations, the people as a one whole single body gave their fullest and unstinted cooperation for rebuilding and strengthening the nation enabling the legitimate monarch to expel the alien invaders and re- establish the sovereignty.

This status of affairs persisted until the treacherous Don Juan Dharmapala surrendered a part of our glorious nation to the Portuguese colonialists, that opened up the dark chapter in the history of our nation through which the patriotic zeal of our people were diluted, eroded, and the mentality of alien glorification and treachery was sowed.

This subjugation also originated the creation of a superficial society that looked upon the national heritage, local culture and the way of life, language of the common man and the rural masses as inferior, imperfect, flawed and foolish.

They glorified their alien masters, and adapted their language, dress and the immoral and wicked way of life. The alien masters strengthened this society economically by granting them multitude of favours and distanced them from the patriotic masses.

Whenever there arose a dispute between the patriotic masses and the colonials it is this custom made treacherous society that strived to protect the colonialists and deter the patriotic masses. They acted as the vanguard of the colonialists in the skirmishes against the patriots and led the missions for the arrests and elimination of patriotic leaders.

By the passage of time this turncoat clan, and the appendage of the colonialists amassed the wealth of the rural masses by various means of exploitation and robbery, and became the richest in the land. Change of power to the hands of different colonialists did not make any change to their status as this treacherous clan adapted the way of life of the new colonialists immediately upon they set foot on our shore.

It is this treacherous society that helped the British imperialists to subjugate the whole of Sri Lanka. The mission for capturing the Kandyan Kingdom and the arrest of the last King of Sri Lanka, Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe was led by Don Adrian, who is a great grandfather of Ranil

The moment Tsunami tidal waves hit our shores and thousands were killed and many homes were destroyed, the masses forgot all their difficulties and rushed to help the victims even risking their own lives.

At that time there were no religious, linguistic or ethnic barriers in helping or rescuing each other. Everyone acted as one nation and none other than Sri Lankans. The terrorist outfit which is committed and determined for segregation, envious of the unity that emerged suddenly, prevented the flow of aid to the innocent victimized Tamil population.

They confiscated lorries that were carrying aid to the Tamil population and demanded that aid for Tamil populated areas should be handed over to them, for distribution through them only. Ranil the contemporary Don Juan Dharmapala and the great grandson of treacherous Don Adrian immediately picked up this demand and echoed the terrorist cry and insisted that aid distribution in the North and the East should be done through the LTTE.

Ranil, a product and a devoted son of the treacherous superfluous society created by the colonialists seem to be having an inborn hatred towards the patriotic masses. He is committed to maintain the rule of this nation by the treacherous elite clan even at the cost of legitimizing the terrorist outfit and serving them to attain the Eelam goal.

This is not a new political concept but formulated in the race to the 1999 Presidential election, where he promised an Interim Administration to the LTTE. Later he glorified Prabhakaran in the Indian Magazine “Week” saying Prabhakaran is striving to achieve a goal, which is the only target. He has devoted and dedicated his life to achieve this goal, and extolled that he is a leader of determination and tenacity, explained Ranil.( LTTE newspaper Eelamurasu dated 11-17 May 2000). Subsequently he visited Singapore and had discussions with the LTTE arms purchaser and shipping line operator Charles and formulated a pact with the LTTE.

Investigations carried out by the late Minister Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali had revealed Charle's family helping LTTE to transport armaments. His brother Jayantha is the LTTE representative operating from Los Angeles and his mother Ariyamalar died in prison while serving a term of life imprisonment having being convicted by Court for being in possession of heroin to raise funds for the LTTE.(Island 04.10.95).

Steps taken by Ranil to legitimize the LTTE internationally and the enormity of inaction tolerated to prevent it from strengthening militarily during the infamous two years of supine rule need no elaboration.

In the Tsunami hit neighbouring countries we find many politicians without any interest of political mileage exploring every means to help the victims in their respective countries. But in Sri Lanka it is depressing and frustrating to find that Ranil and some of his cronies giving prominence to party politics, trying to espouse the separatist cause of the terrorists, and attempting to legitimize them internationally, by tying up provision of foreign assistance to starting peace talks, and distribution through the terrorist outfit.

This is a time all efforts should be consolidated to rebuild the country, resettle the Tsunami victims and restore their normal life than waste time and energy on meaningless deliberations with an inflexible outfit that has a predetermined agenda, and has not changed any of its demands since they were announced at Thimpu almost three decades ago.

It is reported that the UNP leader has urged the Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Colombo to make provision of rehabilitation and reconstruction assistance conditional to starting the so-called peace talks. This is clearly an indirect request to stop assistance as the terrorist outfit is not prepared to resume talks except discussion on institutionalizing the ISGA system, which no sane government or ruler other than Ranil would grant.

The white tiger Norwegians too, arrived with a high level delegation and floated the same demand without expressly referring to the ISGA. Now Ranil with his foreign policy advisor LTTE stooge is touring European countries allegedly to canvass with Norwegians to link Tsunami aid to the demand for resumption of talks.

These reports cannot be disputed, as there is no hurry and reason for him to tour the European countries at this time when his presence as the Leader of the Opposition is required in the country at this critical hour. Therefore, it is a national duty for Sri Lankans in the European countries wherever Ranil steps in to stage protest marches and demand him to stop acting against the welfare of the country.



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