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Reference the letter in the The Island of 29th Jan. ‘05 under the caption "Prove he is Prabhakaran" by your correspondent C. Wedagamage. Four weeks after the Tsunami disaster a photograph of Prabhakaran was shown in the electronic media with the Norwegian delegation led by the Foreign Minister Jan Peterson. This was at a time when there was much speculation Re Prabhakaran whether he was alive or dead. Many things were said about him up to that time but there was no proof whether he was alive or dead. An honest, sincere, leader as Karuna says must come out at a time, when his people are suffering and prove to the world of true leadership but instead a photograph appeared with the Norwegian delegation as a proof. If only one compares this picture of Prabahakaran shown with moustache with the more recent photographs that appeared before the Tsunami disaster Prabhakaran could be seen without a moustache. How did he get this moustache within a couple of days? This itself creates a doubt in the minds of the people and your correspondent is quite correct in the challenge thrown ‘Prove he is Prabahakaran’. Furthermore several other questions prop up. Was this photograph taken by our own photographers covering the meeting? Did the delegation meet in person Prabahakaran? The best witness would be the leader of this delegation who could easily make a public statement. If our mediamen were there, they too could ratify this. Prabhakaran could come out and show himself to the world. Taking all this into consideration your correspondent is very correct in saying ‘Prove he is Prabhakaran’

"Is this photograph a handout of the LTTE? Your editorial of the 20th Jan. states thus: "The LTTE handout (which the Island chose not to reproduce as its authenticity is in question.) has, fuelled speculation about the LTTE leaders fate more than his prolonged absence did - Your editorial continues - "LTTE watchers and Eastern Tigers insist the person in the picture is not Prabhakaran but a double". His picture was still under scrutiny at the time of writing these comments"

The question we pose is "If this picture is not fake, where was Prabhakaran all these weeks when his people were suffering? Even now it is not late - "Better late than never" to appear in person and clear all doubts. Karuna too is perfectly correct in his statement - "When all world leaders came out to the fore to help the people and speak on their behalf, where was Prabhakaran? What was he up to ? At least Foreign Minister Jan Peterson could make a public statement. Were our photographers and correspondents allowed access?

J. Annesley Fernando


Curtsey Ths Island News Paper, Sri Lanka



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