Victims and probable Fate after signing JM !

Frank X

It is now clear the Joint Mechanism (JM) will be signed by CBK despite majority opposition to the same, not only within the public & JVP, but also within her party (formerly SLFP)

The actual motive behind this stubborn decision of CBK is purely a personal concern for petty political advantages. By signing the JM, as announced JVP will leave the Sandhanaya and will work independently. Mahinda Rajapaksa ( MR) will be sent to complete political wilderness and in any election coming as a result of the aftermath of the JM, there is no way that SLFP can win without the support of JVP. Even if the candidacy is given to MR for the presidency, he will loose and instead Ranil Wickramasingha (RW) will win the presidency, of if not even if the parliament election is held, UNP has a better chance to win without a combined enemy, thus they can force the CBK to leave and hold Presidency immediately after installed in the govt. and in the subsequent presidential election RW will become president.

What CBK would want wants is that by creating a situation for the MR to loose the battle and send him to permanent political wilderness and in the subsequent UNP rule, CBK can become the opposition leader and keep on to battle until her children are brought in to the political scene. So, simply this is a game for preserving legendary rights and bringing in the own generations to keep the leadership monopoly in the political system.

Therefore all public must realize and understand that these manipulations are not for the benefit of general mass or the good of the country, but for so called duped leaders own benefits. If not Sri Lanka would not be 100 years behind other countries in the region at this time.

That is the secret agenda behind the whole scenario if any one can read the minds of CBK and RW.

There is also another side kick in the same scenario. By now every reactionary force have realized the JVP is the only and powerfully up coming force against exploitation of our motherland and it’s people by both western imperialists, multinational enterprises and their local agents such as CBK and RW, their generations, goons and cohorts. JVP is the only obstacle to exploit national wealth in the name of Reforms ( Privatisation of state properties and institutions and selling of national, natural resources to western imperialists and then fill the pockets from commissions by CBK and RW, their generations, goons and cohorts)

If this level of freedom is allowed, there is no doubt that JVP will become the only and most powerful force in the next few years to come which will be the end of the reign of duped leadership for petty personal gains, and western imperials can no longer play their games here. Now, these reactionary forces needs another opportunity to wipe out JVP and JM is the best opportunity they can exploit, just like they did it in 1987 when the Indo-Sri Lanka pack was signed.

JVP has clearly publicized that they will leave the govt. if the J M is signed. Consequent to the singing of JM there would be conspiracies to create unrest, and attacks on public properties and ethnic minority Tamils and their properties, which even the UNP is waiting to take the opportunity with the help of NGO’s and the agents of Western Imperialists and their agents. By exploiting this they can force CBK to crack down JVP and then western forces will see to that the JVP is wiped out in the name of aftermath of the JM.

According to some secret talks coming out of the society all the Elite Business Community, Fraudsters, Smugglers on the part of local, and their western masters and their agents here lead by CBK and RW are in joint exercise as to how to exploit this occasion to their maximum and optimum results.

Therefore the next days or weeks to come is a decisive point in the Sri Lanka history and there will be wholesale slaughter of Patriots, Buddhists and Sinhalese in name of opposition to the JM.

Security forces, if not the high ranking officials, the lower ranks must underatsnd that this will be a conspiracy to eliminate Sinhalese, Buddhists, and Patriots from this land for the convenience of the whims and fancies of the western imperialists and their local agents of CBK and RW, therefore the security forces should be aware that “NO JUNGLE LAW” is taken in to your hands against own people unlike 1987 – 1990.

May the security Forces and public be wise and smart from now.



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