Ramanie de Zoysa

It is reported that already at least one government (Italy) has deliverd vital equipment to the LTTE terrorists. I use the term 'at least' because it is any one's guess how many others did the same but were not caught by the SL authorities. German NGO Humedica is reported to have 'donated' an aircraft with military capabilities. The SL authorities also stopped two light air craft capable of remote control which were being despatched in the direction of the LTTE by NGOs. Once again, it is not known what else has already been safely delivered to the terrorists which evaded detection at the border control. In short military hardware is coming in to the hands of the terrorists of war weary country of Sri Lanka through the good offices of our 'friendly' international governments and NGOs.

What about food and medicine for the terrorists? They are well looked after on the front too! After the tsunami hit Sri Lanka, from day one, the LTTE war machine got into action. I was there on the day, and I can vouch for the fact that lorry loads of dry rations and medicines bound for civilians in the North and the East (sent by the southerners) were taken by force by the LTTE and the loot diverted into their coffers. No wonder supplies are not reaching Tamil civilians in the North and East! They are all with the terrorists. Typical Southerner (Sinhalese) reaction to that? ''Aiyo damn sin no, let them take it! They also suffered hellish casualties, no!'' Ok. We are nice guys- no doubt the LTTE will remember how nice we are when they next butcher us!

How about money for the LTTE? Tamil expatriates in developed countries are sending cash donations by the million. Outright deciet and fraud is being committed worldwide. Tamil expatriates in churches collected from the congregations. Others stood by the streets and collected side by side with the Sinhala and Muslim expatriates. Collections made by the Sinhala and Muslim expats were sent to care for the tsunami victims of all races- Sinhalese groups were specifically careful to earmark sizeable proportions of the collections to the Tamil tsunami victims while the Tamils collected and sent to LTTE to buy arms and regroup. (Having said that, I am allowing for that odd occasion where Tamil expats may have sent money to someone who was actually going to spend it on tsunami victims- I am personally not aware of any such Tamil
expatriate!) That's not all! In some countries the Governments pledged dollar for dollar- every dollar raised by community groups as tsunami donations was matched by the government. Certain Tamil groups took full advantage of this as well and filled the LTTE coffers in double quick time! These community groups collected the money, collected the matching donation from the government and sent a draft payable to any organisation of their choice- who was checking? Who cared enough to check? Then there were Tamils who were even smarter- rumour has it that some groups pretended to send funds they already had in the kitty, received the matching dollar amount from the government, sent both amounts to the LTTE and later got back their funds which were originally in the kitty! Then there are Tamil expat millionnairs who sent in by the millions of dollars to the LTTE.

There is no point in talking about what the Sri Lankan Government could have done all this time to guard against these abuses. We lost a yet another golden opportunity to cripple the terrorists. But, I feel that it is worth talking about what the SL government can do even now- at this late stage. Here's the plan if anyone is interested:

1). The SL President herself must issue a direct unequivocal statement to all her international contemporories prohibiting any direct dealings with the terrorists- no negotiation on this. THIS HAS TO INCLUDE NORWAY. Norway's mandate is only with the so-called 'peace process'. They have no mandate over the this, that and the other thing! Please Madam President! Make this clear to Norway in no uncertain terms!

2). She must ask all these countries to make a full declaration of all items that have been sent by-passing the authorities and ask them to take these back. How they get it back should be their problem.

3). Get the Central Bank to carefully monitor all private money orders/ drafts coming into the country to see where they are going. There is at least one instance that I am aware of where the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has returned to sender a bank draft sent to a known terrorist outfit by a community group who collected from the general public in a rich country. That means this monitoring can be done- my concern is that there are funds transfers that get through. The Central Bank needs to try harder to stop every one of them.

4). Identify the origin of all foreign NGOs operating in SL and check their registrations. Ones that are not registered and have no accountability to any government must be kicked out.

5). Divorce the 'peace process' from 'tsunami aid' and from everything else; and, while you are on a roll de-merge the Northern and the Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Please believe it! You are the Executive of an Independent Soveriegn! You have the right to control what comes in and goes out of that country!



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