Bloating the Toothless Tigers


It is very strange and unable to imagine on whose interest or on whose compulsion that the President and some other hidden elements in the Government are so keen to negotiate on a so-called Interim Authority with the disintegrated, crumbled, fragmented, headless LTTE. Are they trying to implement the pledge given in the UNP Manifesto in this regard, which was totally rejected by the people? Or are they involved in an act of protecting the vanishing species of Vanni Tigers? The patriotic masses who voted for the Freedom Alliance overwhelmingly and primarily on this thorny issue completely accepted the concept stipulated in the Alliance Manifesto on finding a solution to the terrorist menace and absolutely and clearly rejected the Interim Authority model of the UNP.

Despite people’s condemnation, the main Alliance partner JVP’s firm and unambiguous protests, strong objection by leading and popular non- JVP Ministers such as Messrs. Kadiragamar, Anura Bandaranaiek, Mangala Samaraweera and Dinesh Gunawardene, the servile hidden hands working for the vested interest and international NGO octopuses have once again issued a circular stating that the government has agreed to the concept of setting up an Interim Authority within the context of negotiating a permanent settlement to the ethnic conflict, trying to justify that such an arrangement will be useful in a transitional period. It does not stipulate that with whom this so-called agreement has been reached. It is amazing to find why these hidden elements are so keen and in a so hurry to accomplish this anti-national scheme.

They talk of setting up of an interim authority with the LTTE. Where do they find now the so-called LTTE? The Tsunami had made it headless, fragmented and crumbled into many fractions. Soosai and Thamilselvam are vying for the leadership and may even end up eliminating each other. Soosai is reported to have moved to Trincomalee with several hundred cadres. Karuna is reported to be gaining strength in the East. The Editor of LTTE website Tamilnet, who has been facilitated by the UNP to spread LTTE and anti-JVP propaganda through Daily Mirror under the name “Taraki” claims that the Vanni Tigers are in a confidence building operation in the East. In this effort, he says, they have abolished all direct taxes on the people in Batticaloa and Amparai districts. Illegal cultivation of paddy lands in the East has also been abandoned, he adds. The truth is that the Vanni Tigers are unable to indulge in these activities in the East, any more.

The situation in the North too is identical. Jaffna traders who were docile to Tiger commandments have defied a call by Vanni Tigers to join a protest march that has ended up with the marching of forcibly mustered school children. Reports from many areas in the North speak of open defiance by people to Vanni Tiger directives.

The dubious communiqué refers to a speech made by the President several months ago, stating on the setting up of an Interim Council. The intelligent masses voted for the government not to decide the course of government based on pedestal speeches or on the edicts of vested international interests. They placed enormous trust on the Alliance Manifesto and they considered it as the best path to salvage the nation from terrorist threats and foreign intervention.

The Manifesto stated that to settle the National Problem and restore lasting peace with dignity in Sri Lanka, the Freedom Alliance consider it their primary responsibility to intervene in this matter in order to find a correct scientific solution to this problem thereby safeguarding the democratic rights of the people and ensuring the territorial integrity of the country. Elaborating this point it said that a negotiated settlement of the ethnic problem should be found through a dialogue with the LTTE and other relevant groups and communities so that a political solution could be achieved which would safeguard the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka and the equality, democratic and human rights of the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other communities of Sri Lanka. Nowhere in the Manifesto, the Alliance sought approval for granting an Interim Authority.

It is not only due to West’s hypocritical anti-terrorist policy and relaxation shown to fund raising by LTTE front organizations in western nations that the tiger terrorists thrived all these decades. More than that, it was because that our own leaders rescued it when it was weakened and strengthened and promoted it internationally. The decapitated Vanni Tigers have arrived at a crucial juncture in its terrorist history and if rightly handled it could lead even to its annihilation. Granting of an Interim Authority to the toothless tigers is bloating it once again from the status of insignificance. It is the duty and responsibility of the government to expose to the world its factual status, the decades of atrocities and demand the international community to help liberate the innocent people under the clout of these brutes.

If a section of the government shows reluctance to undertake this great responsibility and oblige to the dictates of vested interests it is the responsibility of the masses to intervene by all means to prevent such betrayal and rescue the nation. People’s mandate given in the April election should be fully respected by the government, without earning the scorn and anger of the masses.



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