Asoka Perera PhD Toronto

It has been reported by many media that president CBK has assured our clergies of Sri Lanka in a closed-door meeting that she would dissolve proposed Joint Mechanism with LTTE to reconstruct the tsunami devastated north and east within a year. One should realize that entire UPFA including president CBK launched their election campaign against UNP regime during last poll criticizing the validity of MOU signed by Ranil Wicramasinghe and Prabhakaran. Now time has come to perceive the nude political figure of the presidency to the entire world. More importantly, president CBK has not got a mandate from people to sign such a treacherous agreement with a terrorist group. LTTE has not so far given up their murderous activities against their political opponents. Neither given up the concepts of traditional homeland nor demand for a separation. It is questionable under what criteria president CBK is going to deal with LTTE. The contents of the Joint Mechanism have not been disclosed to public yet. This lady is going to betray the entire nation to one of the most dangerous terrorist movement in the world at present.

In a practical situation, it is impossible to complete the reconstruction work within a year term. It needs more time, planning and funding. CBK should justify her move to sign Joint Mechanism with LTTE as there are (un)democratically elected bodies at national and regional levels in north and east to take over this task. What is the purpose of carrying out the reconstruction work by LTTE in north and east and by the government in other parts? Does she want entire world to show that there are two governing bodies in Sri Lanka? She has no rights to risk the presidency or our nation in this move as the head of state is elected by our nation to safeguard the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the country as clearly stated in the constitution.

In July 1987, president JR said the same set of words to agitated Sri Lankans when he signed the Indo Lanka Peace Accord with Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi by which he merged north and east temporarily. He promised the entire nation that this merger is temporarily for one year and will be de-merged by a referendum within a year. The year JR said never came to reality. This modern Dona Katharina of Sri Lanka is going to cheat our nation using the same blanket words that JR used to deceive the nation in 1987.

It is not well clear the reaction of our "Maha Nayake Theros" who attended the meeting with her. Are they going to be made part of this treacherous agreement? One could reasonably assume that our prelates who attended this meeting should clarify their position before this lady moves to the next step. There is no way that our prelates can back out from their responsibilities at this eleventh hour as most Sri Lankans will loose the faith they entrusted on them as the savours of our nation.

Within UPFA, the stand of JVP is clear, as they have already clarified their position regarding the issue. Muslim fraction of Farial Ashrof has shown their dismay. MEP should come up soon with their decision as our nation is pushed towards uncertainty. We should not bother about the Board Signs of LSSP, CP and SLMP within UPFA.



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