Asian Tsunami - Sodom and Gomorrah re-enacted?

Prof. Hudson McLean

"Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah -- from the Lord out of the heavens" (Genesis 19:24).

On 26th December 2004, the Heavens did not open up, but the Sea screamed with anger, vengeance and ferocity! The Sea burst open and sent its waves of destruction and demonstrated its power over humanity.

Indonesian Aceh, Sri Lankan East Coast, Indian Tamil Nadu, Thailand Coastal islands which bore the brunt of the Asian Tsunami devastation, all had common elements.

The God(s) reacted with anger to punish those perpetrators against humanity, whatever you might call them, Terrorists or Rebels, or gun-runners or the islands which supported the terrorists.

The "rich" on the Aceh sea-front who made their riches by supporting the anahilation of the innocent, their property and kin, are no more.

As always, and unfortunately, there was no selectivity. The Good also perished with the Bad and the Ugly.

The drug peddlars and illicit alcohol distillers on the sea-front in Moratuwa and further down South got washed away with their tools of the trade.

The South of Sri Lanka, largely Buddhists, the innocent paid with their lives and property for the atrocity of those who murdered innocent attendees at the recent concert.

They also humiliated the good, late Rev Soma whose anniversary fell on the day of the concert. Each day, every day, is a day of the dead, and the world cannot stop to mourn, each day.

No human has been given the right to take the life of another human or take the judgement to his/her own hand.

At a time where unity of all colours and creeds are necessary to heal, yet the terrorists are back to their old habits which die hard.

Hopefully, the murderous Terrorists will take heed!

Let us hope that, from the ashes arise, a more benevolent, understanding, fair population with respect for fellow human beings.

PS: This letter is written after much deliberation, knowing the pain and suffering to hundreds of thousands, including friends of mine who perished in Yala.

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