Foreign interference in the internal affairs and foreign dictums on how to manage a country’s affairs are things despised by almost all countries in the world whether they are rich or poor. Unfortunately Sri Lanka, which had a noble history, an assertive population, a self- sufficient economy, and blessed with natures bounties, has descended to the abyss of disrespect and humiliation, primarily due to the ruling classes crawling one after the other and competing with each other to lick the boots of foreign invaders and foreign powers since the imperialists set foot on our soil almost half a century ago. We have lost all our strength to stand on our own, lost our self-respect, lost our prestige and have become mere stooges of aliens devoted to affirm and parrot their sayings and deeds. UNP’s instant support expressed to shield the provocative and offensive statement made by the despicable World Bank Country Director Peter Harold is a glaring example of the anti-national nature of our Political Parties and greedy politicos.

The statement made by Peter Harold in his interview with the Sunday Times is a most contemptible statement expected from a person of his caliber. Fellows like these persons (scoundrel is the appropriate word but we Sri Lankans even respect the enemy that is why even our forces went to rescue tiger terrorists from getting killed by Tsunami waves) should not be allowed to misuse their official status and help a terrorist gang, that is proscribed in many of their countries, to gain international recognition by dubious means.

Latest press reports say that he had been misreported by Sunday Times. People are aware who are behind Sunday Times and what this newspaper and its sister papers Daily Mirror, Lankadeepa etc., are upto. This could even be a deliberate cooked up matter to generate publicity and create an issue to muster strength for Tiger demands. The private media in our country, under the control of vested interests and media barons, operates in a realm of its own devoted to fragmenting and devaluing patriotic ethics and values and imposing thuppahi culture and ways instead.

Protests and condemnation made by patriotic organizations, politicians, and some publications deserve wholehearted acclamation. Peter Harold and many such others attached to International Organisations in the country have conveniently forgotten that they are posted to Colombo to serve the government in Colombo and not to do spadework to a terrorist gang devoted to destroy this country and whitewash the misdeeds of these brutes. If they are unable to serve in their posts with this responsibility they should leave the soil of this land before the people get provoked by their stupid statements and actions and lose the limit of tolerance they could hold. People of this caliber deserve immediate deportation.

UNPs instant backing given to protect Peter Harold and affirming that the statement made by him is the authenticity shows to what extent the current leadership has driven this party from its nationalistic based beginning to anti-nationalistic, separatist path. UNPers in Ja-Ela and Kalutara should be shameful for voting for Sinhala Tigers like Jayalath and Rajitha who represent and work for the interests of tiger terrorists and prepared to make every effort to help the tiger terrorists to achieve their Eelam goal. The UNP leadership is only concerned about getting the Presidentship with the help of the terrorists and allow them to rule Northern and Eastern provinces according to their whims and fancies. They are least worried about the fascist rule awaiting for the Sinhala and Muslim population under such a rule and their only craving is to hold the reins in Colombo and serve the pro-western elements in Colombo and its suburbs upholding the policy of “plums to the metropolis and crumbs to the periphery – Colombata Kiri Gamata Kekiri”.



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