SLG Is In Control!

Prof. Hudson McLean

The SLG action to ensure the safety and welfare of Kofi Annan, a VVIP, is considered wholly appropriate.

As the Head of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka, it is the duty of HE The President, who has demonstrated bold sense of leadership in this human crisis, to safeguard her guest by heeding the advise of her Defence Forces.

The LTTE must realize that the SLG is in charge and is the Sole Legitimately and Democratically Elected Authority in Sri Lanka. And others should note this fact!

All aid delivered to Sri Lankan victims, irrespective of colour, creed or ethnicity, has to be channeled through the appropriate SLG authority.

If the LTTE Terrorist run areas in the North East (NE) demand aid for the Sri Lankan citizens in NE, the SLG must reach out to those in need, and to conduct an official audit.

All the independent media have confirmed the efficient, speedy, impartial and effective distribution of aid by the SLG, as well as the NGOs, to all those victims who are in need, subject only to availability of infrastructure. This vital priority of reparations to roads, bridges and train lines, is to be addressed by the US Marines.

Should the LTTE wish to make any contribution to those poor Sri Lankan citizens in the NE, the LTTE should immediately deploy their cadres to remove the million or so land mines which have appeared after the waters have subsided.

As an alternative, the SLG should now exercise the right to de-mine all areas in the country.

As international UN led Relief Organizations have complained that the land mines and now other incendiary devices are of grave concern to the safety of the international volunteers. The blame must be laid right in front of the terrorists jungle strip. This is another LTTE way of trying to demonstrate the un-expendable self-importance of the LTTE, who might then offer to replace the international volunteers.

The SLG has a legal and a legitimate right to inspect and to assess the damage to all parts of the Island. That right should now be exercised.

With all the pain and grief, Sri Lanka has been offered a mountain of aid. Repairing of infrastructure, housing for the poor in safe areas, schools, hospitals, clean water, sanitary, utensils and tools, are all on their way to help the citizens.

This is a creative opportunity as large as the destruction by the Tsunami itself, which must be taken seriously, with speed and with gratitude!

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